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The Top 10 Things NOT To Do If You're Arrested

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“You’re under investigation” or “You’re under arrest”.

These three little words can cripple anyone with fear. When a cookie-cutter defense against DUI charges in PA just won’t cut it, we are here and we understand. Focusing on using forensic science and the judicious use of experts on PA drunk driving laws to help defend you, the citizen among us accused, the McShane Firm’s creative, aggressive, fearless approach leaves no stone unturned. We get results. We have proven track record in acquiring prosecutorial declinations to hearing our favorite two words “Not Guilty”. We have developed and employed unprecedented challenges including Supreme Court challenges. We list more cases for trial more than any other firm in this area. We are insistent, persistent and employ a dogged approach towards demanding discovery that unearths the government’s buried secrets. If the trial comes, then the government is the one with reason to fear: The McShane Firm know more than they do and works harder than they will.

Winning is what we do.

As a matter of course, we are ready to fight your DUI case by ethically bombarding the Government with extensive, meaningful and legitimate pre-trial motions, demonstrative evidence, photographs, witness testimony, videos, defense experts, essential cross-examination of the prosecution’s witnesses, and of course, your testimony, if desired or necessary.

Hire us before the DUI charges in PA come, and the charges may never come. We have achieved with effective representation at the inception of the criminal process:

  • Prosecutorial Declinations (decision by the prosecuting agency not to go forward)
  • The suppression of key evidence and confessions
  • Not Guilty Jury and Judge verdicts, and/or
  • Reduced the criminal exposure of our clients by cutting down the charges

Even if you hire us after the federal indictment or criminal charges are filed, and our aggressiveness and effectiveness does not diminish. We deploy a team of litigation support specialists of DUI laws in PA and other professionals whose unique background and access to the latest digital technologies enables us to prepare our cases and tame the criminal beast. This critical pre-trial phase uncovers the government’s hidden secrets, predicates motions to dismiss, forces the prosecution to change strategies and limits evidence presented. We shape the case for the Judge and the Jury to show the true underbelly of governmental prosecutions against the individual. Our experience, dedication and creative approach to discovery, investigative inquires, and pre-trial motion practice give our clientèle every edge in the process. At every step of the way, in the increasingly hostile landscape of government prosecutions, we provide experienced, highly-trained representation for you whether it is:

  • A modest case for a person accused of a single misdemeanor for drunk driving in PA
  • Felony charge(s)
  • The most complex multi-count continuing course of conduct case that is of national prominence, and/or
  • A person facing a charge with the possibility of death of life in federal or state prison

Our unique, nationally recognized team of highly skilled attorneys and professionals understands and appreciates the criminal prosecution target’s and of the defendant. We deliver the concentrated intellectual power and personal attention our clients require and deserve.

  • We offer FREE initial consultations.
  • We have a 24 Hour Emergency Hotline where a PA DUI attorney from the firm can be paged and immediately return your phone calls.
  • We don’t sleep, so you can
  • We also accept all major forms of payment including cash, money orders, major credit cards, and checks, as well as online and over-the-phone payments.

Our staff of experienced trial attorneys McShane, and Barrouk are highly motivated, highly educated and trained.

We have attended the new “Capital Cases Seminar” and have sufficient continuing legal education credits allowing us to handle capital homicide cases.

We have attended the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) 1st Annual “Making Sense of Science Seminar” which instructs attorneys on various diverse fields of forensic science including:

  • Computer Forensic Evidence
  • DNA collection and analysis
  • Sexual Abuse cases
  • the Forensics of Firearms
  • Arson Investigation
  • Crime Lab Errors
  • Crime Scene Analysis
  • Child Sexual Abuse
  • Defending child pornography and criminal solicitation for sexual related cases involving children (like Dateline’s “How to Catch a Child Predator” style cases)
  • Homicide Investigations
  • Time of Death and Pathology, and
  • Understanding Police Interrogations and Challenging False Confessions.

We have also attended the 1st annual Defending Drug Cases Seminar.

We also provide you with a tremendous amount of information on DUI charges in PA as at the end of the litigation, it is not just your case; it is your life and the decisions to be made impact not just you, but also your family and your future. To that end, we offer:

Do not talk to the Police until you talk to us… (Watch the Video to see why)

See the police officer’s response (He agrees 100% with the professor)

This is not what we simply do, but what we do very well…

We represent people in the following areas…
  • All Federal Charges and State Charges
  • Grand Jury subpoenas
  • Probation/Parole Hearings
  • Indirect Criminal Contempt (violations of Protection From Abuse [PFA] orders)
  • Driving Under the Influence – Driving After Imbibing – the “new” DUI Law
    • We specialize in challenging Breathalyzer or Blood Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) results, the Reasonable and Articulable Suspicion for the Vehicle Stop, the Probable Cause to Arrest, the Standard Field Sobriety Test, Chain of Custody, O’Connell Warnings, DL-26 issues, Miranda Warnings, Roadblocks, License Suspension, and all aspects stemming from a DUI Stop.
  • Alcohol Related Offenses
    • Driving Under Suspension DUI Related
    • Underage Drinking
    • Homicide by Vehicle While DUI
    • Aggravated Assault by Vehicle While DUI
    • Corruption of Minors
    • Misrepresentation of Age to Secure Alcohol
    • Representing a Minor is of Age
    • Inducement of Minors to Buy Liquor
  • Traffic/Vehicle Violations
    • Driving Under Suspension
    • Reckless/Careless Driving
    • Fleeing or Alluding Police
    • Homicide by Vehicle
    • Aggravated Assault by Vehicle
    • Accident Involving Death or Personal Injury
    • Accident to Unattended Vehicles
    • Altered or Forged Title of Plates
    • Prohibited Activities Related to Odometers
    • Roadways Lane for Traffic
    • Speeding
    • Points on Licenses/License Suspension
      • Occupational Limited License
      • Probationary License
    • Habitual Offenders
    • All Other Vehicle Code Infractions
  • All Drug Charges – Federal & State
    • Acquisition of a Controlled Substance by Fraud
    • Possession with Intent to Deliver a Controlled Substance
    • Simple Possession of A Controlled Substance
    • Unlawful Delivery of A Controlled Substance
    • Small Amount of Marijuana
    • Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
    • Contraband
  • Firearms
    • Persons Not to Possess, Use or Manufacture, Control, Sell or Transfer Firearms
    • Firearms Not to be Carried without a License
    • Carrying Firearms on the Streets or Public Property in Philadelphia
    • Possession of Firearm by Minor
    • Sale or Transfer of Firearms
    • Sale or Release of Weapons
  • Sexual Offenses
    • Rape
    • Involuntary Deviate Sexual Intercourse
    • Statutory Sexual Assault
    • Indecent Assault
    • Indecent Exposure
    • Unlawful Use of Computer
    • Incest
    • Prostitution
    • Statutory Sexual Assault
    • Open Lewdness
    • Corruption of Minors
    • Possession of Child Pornography
    • Sexual Abuse of Children
    • Failure to Register Pursuant to Megan’s Law Requirements
  • Disorderly Conduct
  • Theft
    • Theft by Unlawful Taking
    • Theft of Receiving Stolen Property
    • Retail Theft
    • Unauthorized Use of Automobile
    • Theft by Deception
    • Theft by Extortion
    • Theft of Property Lost or Delivered by Mistake
    • Theft of Services
    • Theft by Failure to Make Required Disposition of Funds Received
    • Library Theft
    • Theft of Leased Property
  • Probation Revocations
  • Simple Aassault/Aggravated Assault
  • Homicide
  • License Suspension
  • Grand Jury Testimony
  • Internet Crimes
    • Criminal Attempt Rape
    • Involuntary Deviate Sexual Intercourse
    • Indecent Assault
    • Indecent Exposure
    • Unlawful Use of Computer
    • Statutory Sexual Assault
    • Open Lewdness
    • Corruption of Minors
    • Possession of Child Pornography
    • Sexual Abuse of Children
  • Protection from Abuse
  • Criminal Contempt/Indirect Criminal Contempt
  • Juvenile Law
  • Voluntary/Involuntary Manslaughter
  • Recklessly Endangering Another Person
  • Terroristic Threats
  • Stalking/Harassment
  • Ethnic Intimidation
  • Kidnapping
  • Unlawful Restraint
  • Luring a Child in a Motor Vehicle
  • Arson
  • Criminal Mischief
  • Burglary
  • Criminal Trespass
  • Appeals
  • Robbery
  • Forgery
  • Bad Checks
  • Credit Cards
  • Fraudulent or Deceptive Business Practices
  • Endangering Welfare of Children
  • Perjury
  • Unworn Falsification to Authorities
  • False Alarms
  • False Reports to Law Enforcement Officials
  • Tampering with Physical Evidence
  • Intimidation of Witness or Victims
  • Retaliation Against Witness or Victims
  • Obstruction of Justice
  • Resisting Arrest
  • Hindering Apprehension
  • Escape

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