Pennsylvania Homicide Laws

The Top 10 Things NOT To Do If You're Arrested

There is no more serious crime in the state of Pennsylvania that Homicide. It is impossible to answer every question about a murder charge as there are so many different circumstances and every case is different.

  • Is this a justified killing in self-defense?
  • Is this a justified killing in defense of another?
  • Is this a case of diminished capacity?
  • Is this a case of intoxication?
  • Is this a case of mistaken belief in justification?
  • Is this a case of “some other guy did it”?
  • Is this a case of an accidental killing?

We here at the McShane firm have tried dozens of homicide cases and are prepared to answer all of the potential questions that may come up. You need an attorney that is ready, willing and able to answer the tough questions and provide you with aggressive representation. With our knowledge, training and experience, we are prepared and ready to fight for you.

There are many degrees of criminal homicide in Pennsylvania, each carrying with them different penalties. The stakes are extremely high so contacting the experienced attorney’s here at The McShane Firm should be your top priority.

 GradingMaximum SentenceMandatory Minimum SentenceMaximum Fine
Murder of the First DegreeMurder of the First DegreeLife imprisonment/ Death PenaltyLife imprisonment$50,000
Murder of the Second DegreeMurder of the Second DegreeLife ImprisonmentLife imprisonment$50,000
Murder of the Third DegreeFelony 120 years_$50,000
Voluntary ManslaughterFelony 120 years_$25,000
Involuntary ManslaughterMisdemeanor 15 years_$5,000

If you or a loved one has been charged with murder, you need a strong attorney to fight for you and save your life. Call us at (717) 657-3900 today for a free, detailed consultation.  We will take the time to answer all of your questions which is important during this difficult time.