Is a summary offense the same as a misdemeanor?

In Pennsylvania, a summary offense is:

  1. a criminal offense,
  2. goes on your record,
  3. can be fought, and
  4. can be expunged under certain circumstances

The police generally write a citation for a summary in PA. If you don’t respond by pleading guilty or showing up for court, the judge will issue an arrest warrant for you. It doesn’t just go away.

A summary offense in PA is not a misdemeanor but it is still a criminal conviction

Summary offenses include charges such as:

A summary under the Crimes Code is different than a traffic ticket. A conviction for a summary offense under the crimes code can include jail time. It carries a punishment of a maximum jail sentence of no more than ninety (90) days. However, in most cases a summary offense will carry no jail time but will require an individual to pay a fine. That is not to say that an individual should take a summary offense lightly. A summary offense can have lasting consequences on one’s criminal record or consequences in the job world, not just on their liberty.

Is a summary offense the same as a misdemeanor?

No. A summary is not the same as a misdemeanor in Pennsylvania. A summary is considered a lesser or lower crime than a misdemeanor. In fact, a misdemeanor has three different degrees in Pennsylvania.

A misdemeanor of the first degree may carry a sentence of imprisonment not more than five years in prison. Next, a misdemeanor of the second degree may carry a term of imprisonment the maximum of which is not more than two years in prison. Lastly, a misdemeanor of the third degree may carry a term of imprisonment the maximum of which is not more than one year in jail. For more information on the classification of offenses see the statute: 18 Pa.C.S.A. § 106.

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