Drug Defense lawyer in Lower Paxton (Colonial Park and Linglestown)

drug defense lawyer Lower Paxton
drug defense lawyer Lower Paxton

There is little denying that the opiate crisis in America is harming and destroying our society. You can always count on the government to let a good crisis go to waste. As your known and trusted drug defense lawyer in Lower Paxton, we won’t let the government make you the poster child. We understand that drug charges are typically about being in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people. Police infrequently listen to you. We listen. We care. We’ll fight. You are not alone.


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MDJ office covering the north side of Lower Paxton Township (including Linglestown)

MDJ covering the South Side of Lower Paxton Township (traditional Colonial Park area)

You are not a drug dealer or a junkie

Information about drug laws in PA (including maximum sentences)

You cannot afford to go anywhere else. We take up your fight. You are important. We presumed you to be innocent. We’ll fight to keep you that way.

Hysteria managed, trials won

Getting rid of the hysteria surrounding drug charges is what we do. We win trials. We get charges dismissed. It’s what we do. We are a group of 7 attorneys with 23 total total staff, we bring all of us to the fight. Numbers matter. Experience matters. We have the size. We have the experience. 

Here is one of the 400+ client and peer reviews:


Was very pleased with Justin’s ability to save my arse from Harrisburg police. Was very satisfied with his knowledge of my case. A real professional. Highly recommend. He also was reasonable in his rate and is willing to work with customers on payment.


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