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This is your local Magisterial District Judge Office. Right next to Johnson Flowers in that little plaza. We’ve been coming to this building and fighting the government for nearly 20 years. The government doesn’t want you to hire us. They want a push over. When you need the best assault charges lawyer in Halifax, you need us.

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We don’t treat you like most lawyers do. Most lawyers will treat you like a mushroom. They keep you in the dark and hope you grow. We give you too much information rather than too little information. That’s because we know exactly what we are doing. We know how to not only play human courtroom chess, but we are Masters level elite players of the game. So, let’s start getting you some answers to questions like:

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  • Is there any defense to these charges?

Here are some preliminary answers to a lot of those questions.

Defenses to assault cases

One of the best defenses to assault cases is self-defense. Lots of attorneys cannot properly tell you the law of self-defense in PA. They just think of it like other folks. You can hit, when you are hit. You can shoot, when you are shot at. While that’s part of it, there is a lot more to it. The doctrine of anticipatory self-defense applies. Plus, there is the castle doctrine that not only covers your residence, but also the area near to it. And ask an attorney about Stand Your Ground law and you’ll likely get the wrong answer. So read all of this to make sure you know


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Too many attorneys look to end the case quickly. They don’t tell you everything that you lose by giving up and pleading guilty. Either they don’t know about it or they don’t care enough about you to tell you about it. We know. We care. Here are the major consequences to criminal charges in PA

Felony Conviction Consequences in Pennsylvania

Misdemeanor Conviction Consequences in Pennsylvania


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But it gets worse, if the alleged crime involves a loved one, you can bet that with the criminal charges will come a Protection from Abuse order.

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