Getting a Job with a Violent Crime Conviction

Finding a job with a violent crime conviction in PA may prove impossible. So you need to stop that conviction from happening.

Many people make the mistake of taking an assault charge lightly. They act like the assault charge won’t hurt their job prospects. Here’s the truth. If you want a job a violent crime conviction will make it very difficult. Especially for simple assault charges, people believe they will walk away with a slap on the wrist. However, one thing many people do not consider is the impact a violent crime can have on your career and future.

If you get convicted of an assault, you will have a violent crime on your criminal record. Anyone can see your record and employers run extensive background checks before hiring people.

Think about this scenario, and employer has your application and many others who are equally qualified. The difference is that you have a violent crime on your record and the others don’t. Who do you think they won’t be hiring?

You make think that this only relates to some specific jobs. Unfortunately, people with violent crime convictions often have trouble finding minimum wage jobs.

  • Does a restaurant want a violent person waiting on their patrons?
  • Does a school want a violent person as their janitor around kids?
  • Will a retail store trust a violent person at their cash register?

In fact, many places have very stringent policies about not hiring people with violent crimes on their records. Getting a job with a violent crime conviction and keeping it is hard.

There is Hope

While assault charges are very serious, there is hope. A charge is not an automatic conviction especially if you choose the right attorney to handle your case. At The McShane Firm, we have a unique way of defending assault cases.

First off, we understand that the police often don’t investigate the facts properly and end up slapping charges on people, even if you were defending yourself. Just because you are a man, or are bigger, or didn’t sustain injuries, doesn’t mean that you are guilty.

Secondly, at The McShane Firm we are The Science Attorneys. We are highly trained in forensic science and know how to challenge the evidence collected by the government. This is a key reason why we are different from other law firms.

Don’t let an assault conviction rob you of your future. Call The McShane Firm now at 7176573900 for your free case consultation. Our experienced attorneys will help you plan out a course of action to fight these charges.

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