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You can make a lot of lifelong mistakes in choosing the wrong lawyer for your assault charges in Gettysburg. It is not an accident that you landed here on this page and right here and right now. You have found the very best assault charges attorney in Gettysburg.

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If your attorney has never been in a fight in their entire life, they simply cannot defend you well in court. It really is that simple. If their highest form of violence that was used against them in life was when they were in 5th grade and some kid at the bus stop shoved him or her knocking off their hat or scraping a knee, that’s no good. The difference between being guilty and not guilty is in your attorney’s ability to effectively communicate violence in the real world to the judge, the jury and even to prosecutors. Most prosecutors only have SEEN violence. They haven’t lived a life where they have been shot at, threatened with a knife or even slapped. They don’t get it. You need someone who has real life experience.

We understand violence. We respect it. Convincing judges, m juries and prosecutors that it is impossible to Monday morning quarterback these situations and apply niceties to it all is a way to the morgue. Whenever real world violence happens, whenever unscripted violence happens, all bets are off. There are no rules. No referees. No tapping out. It is simply you or that other person. You don’t have time to sit and deliberate. If you wait to figure out why this person is threatening you or attacking you, you end up hurt or in a body bag. That’s the real world. We get it. We live in that world.


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You shouldn’t worry yourself about anything other than winning when you hire an attorney. When it comes to assault charges in Gettysburg, the attorney who will win should be your only concern. Otherwise, you face a lifelong pile of poop. Here are some things to consider:

Felony Conviction Consequences in Pennsylvania

Misdemeanor Conviction Consequences in Pennsylvania


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But it gets worse, if the alleged crime involves a loved one, you can bet that with the criminal charges will come a Protection from Abuse order.

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When you are ready to be selfish and demand the best because your life matters, call us. When folks ask “who is the best assault charges lawyer in Gettysburg?”, the answer is simple: The McShane Firm. Why? Because they are winners.