Privacy Policy

We at The McShane Firm, LLC recognize the importance of and respect your privacy. The McShane Firm, LLC wants you to make the most of this Web site and to feel confident while doing so. The following discloses the information collection, use and disclosure practices for this Web site: This policy does not address information obtained offline through events such as seminars or from an attorney’s personal contacts.

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What Personal Information Does the McShane Firm, LLC Collect?

When you visit the public area of The McShane Firm, LLC’s Web site, you remain anonymous. To the extent you use e-mail links via the Web site to communicate with The McShane Firm, LLC or anyone affiliated with The McShane, LLC and provide us with personally identifiable information, however, you will not remain anonymous. Because it is not possible to anticipate every conceivable context in which such information might be provided to us via e-mail, Pepper can provide you no assurance that personally identifiable information you choose to provide to us via e-mail will be maintained as private.

The McShane Firm, LLC and/or the host of its Web site use “cookies.” Cookies are small text files that are placed on a visitor’s computer hard drive that allow The McShane Firm, LLC and/or the host of its Web site to record how many times a user or computers within a user’s network of computers has visited the Web site, the number of times various pages of the Web site have been accessed and to track the user’s home page customization preferences. You may disable receipt of cookies using features of your Web browser that disable or turn off cookies. With cookies disabled in your browser, the site’s customization features will not function, and the home page will revert to its default content. The McShane Firm, LLC does not use cookies to retrieve information that is unrelated to your visit to or your interaction with the Web site.

The McShane Firm, LLC collects your Internet Protocol (IP) address. An IP address is a number that is assigned to your computer when you use the Internet. The IP address data that we collect does not contain any personally identifiable information about you and is used to administer our site, to determine the numbers of different visitors to the site and to gather broad demographic data.

The non-personally identifiable data that The McShane Firm, LLC collects in these ways is accessible by certain The McShane Firm, LLC personnel as well as certain third-party Web site designers and personnel involved with the third-party service that hosts the Web site. The McShane Firm, LLC uses all non-personally identifiable data that it collects internally and together with its Web site designer and host in order to improve the Web site. The information is used, for example, to evaluate what portions of the Web site are more popular than others, to determine from where visitors came to the site, and to determine how many times particular pages of the site were accessed in aggregate. The McShane Firm, LLC personnel may use the data to prepare reports regarding Web site activity as part of the process of maintaining and improving the site. Cookies also are used to identify prior users to the Web site in order to provide certain homepage customization preferences and create a more personal viewing experience for the user.

What Steps Does the McShane Firm, LLC Take to Protect Your Privacy?

To the extent permitted by law, The McShane Firm, LLC will not sell, share, or otherwise disclose any of the information it collects online without your permission. Exceptions are disclosures to third parties who monitor the Web site, to parties who assist or cooperate in preparing firm mailings and to third parties with whom The McShane Firm, LLC may co-sponsor an event (in which case The McShane Firm, LLC may share attendee lists for purposes of the event). In addition, The McShane Firm, LLC does not presently collect personally identifiable information via the public area of its Web site except to the extent that such information is provided from visitors who voluntarily submit a feedback/inquiry form, register for homepage customization features, send electronic mail to The McShane Firm, LLC or any of its lawyers, register for events, subscribe to newsletters or submit resumes through the site. Personal information collected through this Web site is saved in The McShane Firm, LLC’s contact database where it may be combined with pre-existing contact information in the database. The McShane Firm, LLC and the host of its Web site take reasonable security precautions to maintain the privacy of the data that is collected, such as ensuring that it is accessible only to appropriate personnel and that the information is user ID- and password-protected.

What Are the Privacy Policies of Third-Party Sites to Which the McShane Firm, LLC’s Web Site Links?

The McShane Firm, LLC provides links to third party Web sites that it does not control. Therefore, The McShane Firm, LLC urges you to review the privacy policies posted on these third party Web sites at the time you first visit such sites. The McShane Firm, LLC undertakes no obligation to review or ensure enforcement or compliance with the privacy policy of any Web site to which it links.

What About Children’s Privacy?

The McShane Firm, LLC does not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from any children under age 13.

Is Data Storage and Processing Conducted in the United States?

Regardless of where you are located, The McShane Firm, LLC’s Web site collects information and processes and stores that information in databases located in the United States.

Can the McShane Firm, LLC Revise This Privacy Policy?

Due to the rapidly evolving technologies on the Internet, The McShane Firm, LLC may occasionally update this privacy policy. All revisions will be posted to The McShane Firm, LLC’s Web site. The McShane Firm, LLC urges you to review its Privacy Policy frequently.

What if I Have Questions or Comments About This Privacy Policy?

The McShane Firm, LLC welcomes questions and comments about this policy. Questions or comments about this Privacy Policy should be directed to Attorney Justin McShane using this contact form. In addition, if you no longer wish us to maintain data about you, or wish to change the type of information we send you, please let us know by e-mailing us using this contact form. Similarly, if you do not receive acknowledgement of your inquiry or your inquiry has not been satisfactorily addressed, you should telephone our offices at (717) 657-3900.