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Folks call Hershey PA, the sweetest place on earth, but whether you come for a concert at Hershey Park or are driving through the Hershey and Hummelstown area, the local Derry Township Police don’t mess around when it comes to drug charges. When you need a professionally aggressive drug defense lawyer in Hershey, PA, look no further. Stop right here. You found it. We are Pennsylvania’s largest and best criminal law firm. We focus on fighting for those accused of drug crimes.

You are not a drug dealer or a junkie

Drug Defense Lawyer Hershey
While Hershey may be the sweetest place on earth, it is not sweet to face drug charges in Derry Township. You need an aggressive, all-in drug defense lawyer in Hershey who will fight.

Locally known, but independent

We are local attorneys. With offices just down the road from the local Magisterial District Justice’s office, the DAs and the police know and respect us. We don’t care about the local politics of Derry Township. We do care about our clients. We’re in it for one thing: to win. Drug charges in Hershey, PA are no joking matter. The local police are very aggressive to “keep drugs and drug dealers” out of “their” city. So, they show no mercy. That’s why you need an ace in the hole, which is us. We have the reputation, knowledge and experience to fight for you. We have the guts.

No other attorney has the bench science that The McShane Firm has. We teach lawyers, scientists, politicians and judges about the testing of drugs and their effects.

Hershey Park Stadium concert series and drug possession and drug dealing charges

Hershey Park hosts some of the local areas biggest and best bands. It’s a fun time. But that doesn’t mean that there are no rules. IN fact, quite the contrary. Whether it is underage drinking details or uncover police looking to bust folks who have marijuana or other drugs, the local police are notorious for their aggressiveness in the parking lots, in the fields, and in the stadium itself. So much so that the band Phish puts a warning and disclaimer on their tour website to warn folks. But we don’t scare. We care. We fight. With the local knowledge and experience, we win.

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Justin McShane and the attorneys in his firm are the best of the best drug and alcohol defense attorneys in the entire US. Not just in PA – in the entire US. Justin is a new breed of lawyer known as the lawyer-scientist who has taught thousands of attorneys and judges across the country on the scientific aspects of drug and alcohol testing. If you or a loved one are in need of serious legal representation then the McShane Firm is the place to be. Use their thousands of hours of training in the law and science of DUI to your advantage. You won’t find better representation in any state.



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