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Hershey and Hummelstown and their surrounding areas are beautiful. Just look at the Hotel Hershey. Lurking beneath the surface of the beauty is the harsh side of assault charges in Hershey. If you are looking for the best assault charges lawyer in Hershey, the choice is clear: The McShane Firm.

Just consider one of our over 400 verified reviews and endorsements from clients and peers:

Without a doubt, the BEST Criminal law defense attorneys around! Choosing The McShane Firm for DUI defense was one of the best decisions of my life. Literally. They’re smart, look at case details in depth, and treat you like family.


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We are discrete

If you are a doctor or a lawyer or anyone, your privacy and your peace of mind matters to us. Other lawyers may look to “make their name” defending your case. We look to keep your name. The best defense is to make sure that not only the truth comes out, but that this doesn’t become a spectacle. You have to live and work here. We get that. But we also push and fight for the very best.

The McShane Firm knows

We know:

  • the law,
  • self-defense,
  • violence,
  • the judges,
  • the police, and 
  • the DAs

For nearly 20 years we have been in the community fighting for our friends and neighbors against the government. We take our role seriously and execute it with honor. 

The consequences

There is no such thing as a “no stakes” or “low stakes” case. This is the day of the internet. Google your name. Maybe your name comes up on crime watchers as an arrest. Maybe there was a press release. You need someone who will help you clear your name. The consequences for having a crime of violence pending or on your record can be very very extreme. Consider this additional information:

Prepare for the worst, hope for the best

We know you want to know what the max penalties and fines are for assault cases in Hershey. So here they are:

But if you select us to be your assault charges lawyer in Hershey, you will never ever suffer this worst case scenario. While no good attorney can guarantee you an outcome, we can guarantee that we will never sell you out. We will fight. Never give up is our life calling.