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The Adams County District Attorney’s Office is unforgiving when it comes to DUI charges. That’s why when you need the best DUI attorney in Gettysburg, you need us.


Tier 3 DUI. Sixteen lawyers told me it was a lost cause. Mr. Jefferis got my charges dropped. And I was able to keep my CDL and my job. I recommend you guys to everyone. Definitely the best!!!!



Promises are cheap

While we can’t promise you a particular outcome, we can promise you that no one, no one has the reputation, knowledge, experience and guts that we do. While you can try to Do-It-Yourself and save a little bit of money in the short run, you will without a doubt drew up your life in the long run. 


If you want to go to jail, and lose your license for a DUI, don’t call us. We fight. If you want the best DUI lawyer in Gettysburg, call us.

DUI is all we do

We are proud to be considered around the globe as subject matter experts in DUI. We teach lawyers, judges, scientists, prosecutors and policy-makers about DUI. When the press wants a quote, they come to us. If you want a will, we can’t help you. In need of a custody settlement, that’s not us. Beware of the attorney or the law firm that is “the jack of all trades and the master of nothing”, meaning they will take all types of cases that walk in the door. You need a specialist. You need us.

Avoid the solo practitioner and the small firm

You also don’t need a “one man band” type of attorney. You know the type. The attorney with a cell phone. The one who doesn’t really have an office. He or she is the juggler. They juggle their court appearances, being receptionist, paralegal, bill collector, bookkeeper and everything. And much like a one man band, it is cute at first, but the outcome is garbage. The same is true when it’s one guy and his associate with a single paralegal.

The biggest and the best

We are 8 attorneys who do nothing but DUI and criminal defense. We have a staff of over 23. By numbers, we are bigger than the number of attorneys and employees at Adams County District Attorney’s Office. The biggest and best DUI firm is what The McShane Firm is. And that didn’t happen by accident. Others stay small not by choice, but because they have to do so. The market (the demand for their services and their outcomes) won’t let them grow. We have more potential business than we can handle. We don’t take every case that comes in the door. 


The McShane Firm: The Science Attorneys
The McShane Firm: The Science Attorneys The best DUI attorney in Gettysburg by miles

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