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The biggest and the best

When you are looking around on the internet or in person for the best DUI lawyer in Gettysburg, we suggest that you stop and ask one question:

How come this attorney or firm is so small?

While the person may try to “spin” you and say it’s because they want to provide “personal one-on-one representation”, that’s far from the whole truth. A solo practitioner or a small firm of 2 or 3 folks stays that way because they have no choice. The market (meaning your neighbors and friends) have decided that this outfit either doesn’t get the results that people demand or don’t treat people right. If that weren’t so, they would be flooded with work. So much so, that they would have to grow and grow and grow. If you aren’t growing in law, then that is a very good indicator that you aren’t doing right by people.  

Further if the attorney is a solo or is small and have been that way for a while, then again that means that they are not satisfying the community. Otherwise, they would be able to specialize in one area of the law instead of taking on all areas of the law.

So if the attorney you are considering either is on his or her own or is in a small firm (2 attorneys) that takes on a lot of different areas of the law, then that’s a great indication that there’s something wrong.

Compared to us

We are 8 attorneys who do nothing but DUI and criminal defense. We have a staff of over 23. By numbers, we are bigger than the number of attorneys and employees at Adams County District Attorney’s Office. The biggest and best DUI firm is what The McShane Firm is. And that didn’t happen by accident. We have more potential business than we can handle. We don’t take every case that comes in the door. Selective and exclusive.

The McShane Firm: The Science Attorneys

The worst choice of all

Look you have a lot of choices. One of the choices is to try to handle this DUI case on your own. That will be a disaster. The government can and will run all over you. The system is not set up to help people. It is there to crush people. Don’t get crushed.




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