Criminal Defense Attorney in Lancaster County

There may be many folks who claim to be the best criminal defense attorney in Lancaster County, but when the people speak the answer becomes clear: The McShane Firm

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Justin McShane and his firm are the best in the nation. They handle and win the toughest cases on a regular basis. Justin and his wife are not only trial lawyers but they are also scientist. When a lawyer can combine this type of knowledge, tenacity and trial skills…it’s a work of art. If they will take your case, you are very lucky. When you can’t afford to lost, you call the McShane firm.




Justin McShane is top flight. I don’t put statements like that in writing for just anyone. Anyone in need of a lawyer, especially concerning a criminal case, would be hard pressed to find better. Thanks, Greg




The best of the best in DUI cases. Worth every penny. 8 years later and I still can’t thank you guys enough.



We bring it to the government every time!


Criminal defense attorney in Lancaster County
You can’t fool all of the people all of the time. With our over 400+ verified client and peer reviews. The choice is clear for a criminal defense attorney in Lancaster County, The McShane Firm is the #1 choice.

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We are Pennsylvania’s largest and best criminal defense and DUI firm. No one is bigger. No one is better. We are small enough to care and listen. We are all about you.

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