Corey Fahnestock, Esq.

Litigation Associate


Attorney Corey Fahnestock is committed to helping each of his clients get their life back to normal. Attorney Fahnestock zealously fights for every client and commits himself to keep fighting until the case has been resolved.

Attorney Fahnestock is passionate about protecting the rights of others and assuring the checks and balances in the court system are upheld so everyone is treated fairly. Every story has a different side, and mistakes happen within the criminal justice system. Attorney Fahnestock makes sure his client’s voice is heard and uses mistakes by law enforcement to his client’s benefit.

Personal Background

Attorney Fahnestock is a proud graduate of The Pennsylvania State University where he focused on criminal law. After graduating from Penn State, he attended Western Michigan University Cooley Law School. During Law School, he was an Associate Editor for Law Review, a prestigious opportunity for those who qualify. Among other achievements, Attorney Fahnestock wrote a Law Review article on the Fourth Amendment’s impact on drones. Additionally, he spent time working with the State Appellate Defenders Office re-testing firearm and forensic evidence for those who were falsely convicted.

Outside of the courtroom, Attorney Fahnestock enjoys going to the gym, Penn State football, and staying active.

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DUI Training

From Clients

I am an attorney who is familiar with the work of this firm. The attorney's of The McShane Firm are always knowledgeable about the most recent changes in the law. I am proud to know Justin! He has assisted me on numerous occasions.
From Google Business

Corey and Cassandra did everything I could have ever hoped for! I had never been in any kind of trouble before and had tons and tons of questions. No matter how many times I contacted them, they were so quick to get me an answer and help me through so such a stressful time. I got exactly the outcome I was looking for (probably even better to be honest) and it was a very quick resolution as well. I would 100% recommend them to anyone in need of an attorney. I cannot thank them enough!
Amazing team!from Attorney Fahnestock’s Avvo profile

I originally hired another lawyer from Corey's firm to represent my husband at his prelim hearing and unfortunately he was too expensive for me to hire for the next phase of this process. We were very pleased with this lawyer. The main issue I had with Corey was communication. My husband was remanded without bail so every thing had to go through me. Then we would be told Corey was going to the prison for a visit and it would not happen and I would not be contacted to explain and forward the info as to when he thought he would make it out there. Once a pre-trial conference was rescheduled and I was never notified. I took off work, was sitting in the courtroom and a bailiff is the one who told me it was rescheduled. I explained even if it was rescheduled late the previous day it takes 2 min to send a email. It wasn't until I freaked out and explained this is our lives, this man is a pop pop, husband, father and is very much loved and I need things to change. So after I had this discussion with the office manager, the communication was excellent and I was very pleased with Corey after that. He always answered my emails almost immediately and either he or his paralegal would return my calls very promptly. I feel Corey listened to what my husband wanted and he did his best to get those results. Corey got my husband the best possible outcome despite the extenuating circumstances that played against him. I feel Corey is a newer lawyer but he is developing skill and gaining knowledge and over all does a good job. Over the course of our case Corey became more confident and if he remembers his clients are people and not just case numbers he will be excellent. Keep up the good work Corey.
Communication is the key...from Attorney Fahnestock’s Avvo profile

I cannot say enough about the compassion, respect and overall professionalism of this firm. We had an unfortunate and unique situation. Cory and Cassandra took every call, email and concern seriously and answered questions thoroughly. I hope we do not need them again but if so- I would call them in a heartbeat. We cannot say thank you enough- you really do care and that means so much these days!
From Google Business

Corey and his legal team were the most kind, authentic, and proactive group of professionals I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I had received a DUI last year, and Corey, Cassandra, and the entire team made sure to be present, empathetic, and courteous every step of the process. I had a lot against me regarding the case; however, because of Corey and his team's legal prowess, I had the charges removed from my record and did not face any type of jail-time. He is well-versed, a gentleman, and made sure that my rights were observed and adhered to at all times throughout this ordeal. I cannot have asked for a more price-effective and efficient team of wondrous people to represent me through this. Both Corey and his team work magic, and ease the anxiety that you may be experiencing with practical, intimate knowledge of the legal system. He is a blessing.
Corey, Cassandra, and the Wondrous Legal Teamfrom Attorney Fahnestock’s Avvo profile

From Peers

Attorney Tad Orval Hoover, Cuyahoga Falls OH

Corey is certified to conduct standardized field sobriety tests using the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) guidelines. Because of this certification Corey is the go-to man for any OVI/DUI/DWI case. I highly recommend this attorney.

from Attorney Fahnestock's Avvo profile

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