Sex crimes lawyer in Lower Paxton (Colonial Park and Linglestown)

Lower Paxton is a great place to live. The police department is like many suburban Harrisburg police departments. When it comes to sex crimes and sex allegations, they take do take prisoners. Literally. When you need the very best sex crimes lawyer in Lower Paxton, contact us at The McShane Firm.

Lower Paxton is generally divided into two parts. The north side that includes areas like Lingelstown, Autumn Oaks, Paxtonia, Quayle Hollow and Forrest Hills neighborhoods. The south side that includes areas like Colonial Park, the Brook, the Meadows, Eagle Crest, Old Iron Estates and Union Deposit areas.

Sex crimes lawyer Lower Paxton
Don’t let yourself receive the worst ride in your life when you are accused and arrested for a sex crime in Lower Paxton. Get the best Sex crimes lawyers in Lower Paxton on your side: The McShane Firm.

Where are the MDJ (local judge) offices

MDJ covering the South Side of Lower Paxton Township (traditional Colonial Park area)

MDJ office covering the north side of Lower Paxton Township (including Linglestown)

Local knowledge, local fighters

When you go to pick the best sex crimes lawyer to handle your case, you need a strong mix of local knowledge but also guts. Lots of times, these cases are not about forcible illegal contact. They are about mistakes, regrets or downright lies. We know this. Over our nearly 20 years, we have seen it all. From a separated wife forcing a man’s daughter to lie about sexual contact to a co-worker who was scorned that you didn’t call the next day. We are here to listen to you, presume you are innocent and fight for you.

PA Megans Law list attorney
Refuse to be on the PA Megan’s Law list! Fight

You have lots of questions, we have lots of answers:

You are probably asking yourself:

  • How do I get my bail lowered?
  • How do I avoid Megan’s Law?
  • What are the maximum penalties for these charges?
  • Can I go to jail?
  • How can they charge me based upon one person’s say so alone?
  • Can the police do what they did to “get” me?
  • Do I have to tell my job?
  • What do I tell my family?
  • How much is a sex crimes lawyer going to cost me?

Luckily for you, we have a ton of answers. We will talk your ears off about your case. The consultation is free. You have nothing to lose.

Most importantly, your life is not over. I guarantee you that whatever situation you are in, we have seen much worse.

No judgments.

Just help.

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We have earned over 400 verified client and peer reviews. No one else in Central PA has that many. We are a band of 7 attorneys plus over 20 support staff that focus on one thing: winning. Put our winning tradition on your side.

 When you need an aggressive and attentive sex crimes lawyer in Lower Paxton: The McShane Firm is your go-to fighters.

We are born to win. We refuse to let you lose or make a mistake.

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