Gun lawyer in Lower Paxton (Colonial Park and Linglestown)

If you are charged with a gun charge in Lower Paxton Township, you need us. We are your go-to gun charge lawyer in Lower Paxton. We know:

  • guns,
  • gun law,
  • the people,
  • the procedures,
  • the DAs,
  • the judges
  • and so much more

Why does it matter?

You’d be surprised how many criminal defense attorneys hate guns. They tend to be very liberal in their worldview. As such, they are gun-grabbers. It makes a big difference in your case. For example, if your attorney doesn’t understand the basic functioning of a firearm how can he or she know whether or not the firearm is “readily capable” of firing a projectile which is an element of the offense. Plus, if the attorney doesn’t own guns or is a gun-grabber, that person can’t help but look down at you. You don’t need someone like that fighting for you. At the very least psychologically, they already think that you and your alleged possession or attempted possession of a gin is “the problem.” So skip them. Go with us. 

Gun lawyer Lower Paxton
Make sure that. your choice for a gun lawyer in Lower Paxton to represent you is someone who has guns.

Gun charge Maximum Sentences

When selecting which attorney to hire, please consider:

  • Can you call anytime and talk to a live person?
  • Do they offer payment plans with no credit checks?
  • Will your attorney be attentive and explain what’s going on?

At The McShane Firm, we answer yes to all of these questions. We strive to provide you with a great customer service experience during this tough time.

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Gun stores around Lower Paxton

We know the gun stores and their owners around Lower Paxton. That’s important because if your attorney doesn’t know these folks and your case involves a PICs denial, then your attorney is playing catch up. That’s not good.

Additional recommended reading:

Consider this one client success story:

Watching him defend my husband he’s the best attorney I’ve seen in Harrisburg pa

He is the best words can’t explain how much I appreciate him fighting for my husband who was charged with a firearm possession and it could of sent him back for 10 years he saved his life. He was innocent and it was proven.



Here’s another:

Gun Charge

My son got into a arguement back in July 18, 2015. It end up being a gun charge. My sister told me about Justin McShane and im glad she did. God is truly using Justin. He is about his business and plays NO GAMES, i thank him for the work he has put into helping my son out. I would recommend him to anybody who needs his help and not to mention his paralegal Heidie is a very nice person. I love their professionalism and how they wont stop working until the job is done. Thank you Justin from the bottom of my heart.



What is The McShane Difference?

  • We take time to understand your personal needs and goals. Then we cater our legal strategy to fit you.
  • We care about you. We listen and return phone calls. We will take time to explain things so you are not left anxious in the dark.
  • We will make this as easy as possible. We will try to minimize the number of times you have to be in court which means less disruption of your work and family life.

Does this sound like what you are looking for in an attorney? If yes, then take the next step and call (717) 657-3900.

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  • Our clients have the right to expect, we will be proactive in communication. You will hear it from us first. We will return all phone calls, texts and emails promptly.
  • Our clients have the right to expect plain speaking, straight shooting. No B. S.
  • Our clients have the right to expect us to do it right the first time, every time.
  • Our clients have the right to expect us to be on time and professionally prepared for all court appearances, and all meetings.
  • Our clients have the right to expect that they will be fully informed at all times.

This is our promise to you. Call today to get us on your side: (717) 657-3900.

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