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Nothing ignites more passionate debate than gun laws. The liberals want to control, restrict and regulate into oblivion guns. They think that civilians ought not have modern sporting rifles. They want to take away handguns. No hunting even. For them, this is a political call. For them, they see it as serious as life and death. They hate guns. Grab them all up, confiscate and destroy them is their ultimate agenda. This is a political and social obsession with them. If you feel this way, how can you possibly defend anyone accused of a gun charge? You can’t. But they do. When you need the best gun attorney in Hershey, you can’t afford to let the politics of your attorney stand against your freedom. We don’t and won’t. We know guns. Strict construction of the laws and proof is what we demand.

Consider this one attorney

According to his press release this is what he said when he ran for office on a gun grabbing platform:


And finally when he was running for the DA’s Office, he was quoted as saying that the current DA was “too soft” on gun criminals. He advocated out loud and repeatedly to hammer gun offenses. That’s you he is talking about!!


Yet on his criminal defense attorney website, he is more than happy to accept a fee “to defend” anyone charged with a gun crime. How on earth can you expect someone like that to make a tough and straight faced argument to a judge or a jury that is in your best interest? How can a person like that ever defend someone who has to use a gun in self-defense? With a clean conscious, how can someone like this take your hard earned money when you stand accused of misusing a gun? This guy will, but will he defend you???

And the dirty little secret is that most attorneys who advertise as firearms defense or gun defense attorneys feel the same way.

Just ask them:

  • What does AR stand for?
  • Name the caliber for a standard issue M4 rifle.
  • What are the 3 most popular caliber of handguns on the market today?
  • When was the last time you shot a gun?
  • Where was it?
  • What was it?
  • Do you hunt?
  • Have you ever attended a gunsmithing school?
  • Do you own guns?
  • What is your favorite gun and why?
  • Have you ever made your own ammo?
  • What is your personal point of view of gun control?

You see there’s a lot of pretenders out there. Folks who talk a good game, but at the end of the equation are against you. You deserve a lawyer who will always tell you the truth. That’s us. We are not hypocrites.

Information that you need now

The choice is yours…

and the consequences will follow you forever. You can go with a cheap attorney. Someone whose culture, beliefs and existence stands against you. Or you can come and be protected by those who believe in exactly what our Pennsylvania Founding Fathers wrote

Right to bear arms.

The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned.

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We have earned over 400 client testimonials and peer reviews. You cannot get to that number if you suck. We are the best gun lawyer in Hershey…. bar none.

Watching him defend my husband he’s the best attorney I’ve seen in Harrisburg pa

He is the best words can’t explain how much I appreciate him fighting for my husband who was charged with a firearm possession and it could of sent him back for 10 years he saved his life. He was innocent and it was proven.