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When the potential damage of the government’s charges can be measured in decades, you cannot mess around. Gun charges in Pennsylvania carry with them very harsh outcomes… if you don’t choose the right attorney. When it comes time to pick the best gun lawyer in Gettysburg, folks call us.

We know firearms. We know the law. Here is just a taste of our qualifications:

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Information that you need now

The law of unintended consequences holds that when you think you solve a problem another problem pops up. Often times the root of all firearms charges surround prior bad lawyering. Your old attorney didn’t know the consequences of a conviction on your right to keep and bear arms. Or they did and did not tell you. So now you and you alone reap the consequences. Let’s work together.

The choice is yours…

But what you need on your side is a true educated fighter. If your attorney has no idea what the difference between a clip and a magazine is, then you are in trouble. When your gun lawyer hates gun and gun ownership, then you chose wrong. You can come and be protected by those who believe in exactly what our Pennsylvania Founding Fathers wrote:

Right to bear arms.

The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned.

 When those words were set to paper, it became a worldview and a calling. A calling to us that needs protected. The government wants to get you. They are not your friends. It is you or them. You both can’t win. No compromise.

Our qualifications

Second to none. We are PA’s biggest and best DUI and criminal defense law firm. That doesn’t happen by accident. We are a band of 7 attorneys and over 20 support staff who fight day in and day out. For nearly 20 years when everything is on the line, you do what your friends and neighbors do. You give us a call. We are flat-out the best at what we do. No one is better. 

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No one wants to hire a firm that tries hard… but fails. Trying hard doesn’t keep you out of jail. Being friendly and making you feel cuddled, doesn’t stop the government form destroying your life. We live for that Not Guilty. It is what you need and why we are aligned.

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There’s no second place in criminal law and in gun charge cases. No participation trophy. You either win or you lose. Don’t lose. Don’t be a loser. Win. Contact the winners below.