DUI Lawyer in Lancaster


If you can’t tell…

If you can’t tell by now, we are entirely different than another attorney you are considering. We like to work. Out working the government is how we win. Winning is our life calling. Nothing gives us more juice than when the government cracks. And they do.

I honestly refer to Justin McShane as the Yoda of the DWI world. This guy knows it all and teaches other lawyers around the Nation to be jedi warriors in DUI defense and the science that accompanies it. Justin has honestly pushed the limits and brought scientific training to the forefront for attorneys like no one else has ever.

He was one of the original lawyer students at Axion Labs and now is an instructor with his wife at Axion Labs. He is responsible for teaching hundreds of lawyers the intricate science and the natural flaws and how to spot that for lawyers.

Accordingly, through his teachings, lawyers have gone out and saved countless futures, careers and even lives. Justin is not only respected by fellow lawyers and judges but he is also respected in the scientific community. He was the first criminal defense lawyer to ever be invited to speak at the Borkenstein School at University of Indiana which specifically prohibits criminal defense lawyers from attending. He has also been asked to speak to the American Chemical Society.

That based on being a tremendous trial lawyer are unbeatable.

I think he only takes the toughest cases in the Nation now. If you can afford him and he will agree to represent you, you could do no better in the entire Nation. He is simply the best around.

If I ever got arrested, and my life and career was on the line, I would pay anything to fly him in and handle my case. He’s who you call when it’s all on the line and you can’t afford to lose. As a side note: this guy is the real deal too. He’s a warrior inside and outside the court room. He can back it up anytime, anywhere, with anyone.



Will a DUI in Lancaster ruin your life? I’ll be honest. It depends. You might be thinking that it depends on the facts and the facts alone. But in the adult real world, the facts aren’t the only tipping point. In truth, who your attorney is makes a very large difference in what happens to your DUI charges. When you are ready to get the very best DUI lawyer in Lancaster on your side, fighting for you, call us. If you want to go to jail, lose your license or just plead guilty, don’t call us please. We exist for one reason and one reason only: beating DUI charges.


Stop messing around

Look… the time for Googling and searching and worrying is over. If you are throwing a pity party, we aren’t attending. We will organize and design one heck of a congratulations party when you beat the government in this DUI case. All you have to do is do what thousands of your neighbors and friends have done for nearly 20 years…. fill out this form. Let’s get started!! When folks ask who is the best DUI lawyer in Lancaster, time and again, the answer is: The McShane Firm.

Before we go any further

Unlike other attorneys, we want a teammate in you. We weren’t there. You were. That’s why we have to listen to you. Details win cases. Lack of details loses cases. That’s why we have to teach you about DUI and DUI Defense.

Otherwise, mistakes get made. We listen. But we are looking for educated clients. Folks who care about winning. If you don’t fit that bill, then please don’t call us. With that in mind, let’s get your education started. Here are some free resources that will help you now:


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