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Fact. Who your DUI lawyer in Hershey PA is determines what happens to your case. I know that is not “fair” or popular to say, but it is a fact. It’s what you know and who you know. And at The McShane Firm no one knows more than us when it comes to DUI law and science in the entire US. Likewise, no one is better known than the 7 attorneys at The McShane Firm who will fight for you.

For nearly 20 years, we have been a fixture in Hershey and Hummelstown when it comes to DUI defense. Beyond that, we have a national reputation doing back all over a decade for being the best at what we do. Attorney McShane has lectured in nearly every state teaching lawyers, police, prosecutors and judges about DUI law and science.

We’ve been teaching lawyers, judges, cops and prosecutors DUI science and law for over 15 years

Local information about Hershey DUI prosecutions

One of the hardest tasks you might face is finding the MDJ’s office in Hershey (Hummelstown) PA. It is tucked around the corner from the Gold’s Gym. It has no visible signs from the road as you can see here. There’s parking on the left. You enter through the door you can see there. Be sure to check in with the staff through their glass window on the right side. There are seats and two conference rooms. As your trusted and tested choice as the best DUI Lawyer in Hershey, we know this office well. We’ve been going there for nearly 20 years.

DUI Lawyer Hershey
The MDJ’s office in Hummelstown that handles cases around that area including Hershey.

What not to do

It is perfectly natural to be scared and have fear of the unknown. You are not a hardened criminal. You are not used to be treated like one or feeling like one. Well, that can all stop with one phone call to us. We invite you into the fight for your life, your future and your reputation. 717-657-3900. Don’t wait to get your charges. Take charge of your charges!

Please allow this to serve as an invitation to learn about DUI law and how to beat a DUI charge


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We are far from a single lawyer with a cell phone. We do one thing: win. There is strength in numbers.


The McShane Firm: The Science Attorneys
The McShane Firm: The Science Attorneys

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Attorney Justin McShane and his team fought the fight for me and never gave up…. It was quite the battle, but his impeccable representation and performance rendered justice. I was cleared of all charges and am so thrilled to be moving on with my life!



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