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Nothing is more political than the prosecution of drug charges. It makes for great news. So and so where charged with drugs. Or a search warrant is executed and the police discover drugs. If this happened to you or a loved one, don’t let the media control your destiny. Take charge. Get the best drug defense lawyer in Gettysburg on your side. For nearly 20 years, we have been Gettysburg’s and Adams County’s best option for a professionally aggressive defense.

Government database

Did you know that if you are sent to a state prison or are on parole from a state sentence, you are on a government database? Pennsylvania State Inmate Locator/Parolee Locator You don’t want to be on this list. Fight back


I have known Justin J. McShane for many years. He is forward-thinking and detail-oriented. Bottom line, he knows the law and how to win. If you are looking for a true professional that is always on the leading edge of legal issues and defense techniques, Justin McShane is the one you want on your team. He is constantly pushing his firm to the next level and they won’t let you down.



Too much on the line

It doesn’t matter if this is your first offense drug charge or your seventh. There is just way too much on the line to trust your case with a part time attorney. A part time attorney is someone who has a cell phone and no office. They are part timers because they juggle being an attorney with being a bookkeeper, a paralegal and a receptionist. Another type of part timer to avoid is the literal part timer. This type of attorney is someone who will take a drug case and then also take a dog bite case, and the next person who hires him wants a will. You cannot develop experience that matters and a winning reputation as the best drug defense lawyer in Gettysburg doing that.

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We are bigger than any other criminal defense firm in Central PA. All we do is focus on getting folks out of their jam. We are bigger than the Adams County District Attorneys Office. More trials. More years. That’s us. More victories. Let us add you to our success stories

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Mr. Barrouk and the rest of your firm were able to get a Nol Pros order for all of the charges. Happy doesn’t begin to describe it. Everyone was very kind and [I] feel like I played a part not just as a defendant. Thank You.



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