Criminal defense lawyer in Lower Paxton (Colonial Park and Linglestown)

Do you want a guy with a cell phone representing you when your life and reputation are on the line? Or do you want professionally aggressive representation when you need a criminal defense lawyer in Lower Paxton in the Colonial Park, Lingelstown and surrounding area? There is strength in numbers. If you go with the one guy defense firm, the government has the numbers. If you go with us, we have the strength. We have the numbers.  For nearly 20 years, we have been growing with LP. Our office is local, but our reputation is international.

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The McShane Firm: The Science Attorneys
The McShane Firm: The Science Attorneys

 Lower Paxton Township criminal charges

The LP police department are highly trained and draw on county resources like the Drug Task Force of Dauphin County. Lower Paxton Township Police Department have a standard written policy to not reduce criminal charges on their own. This is why you cannot “handle” the case on your own. At every preliminary hearing for a misdemeanor or a felony, there will be a district attorney there. DAs have no incentive to deal with most attorneys. Most attorneys have a reputation for pleading out their clients and not fighting,. We fight. We go to trial. Winning is what we do.

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criminal defense lawyer Lower Paxton
The seal of LP. Choosing the right criminal defense lawyer in Lower Paxton is vital for your long term freedom.

Why you need an attorney right now

These charges are not going to go away on their own. The longer you wait to address the reality, the worse it will be. You have to steel yourself that this is going to be a marathon. It’s going to be a fight. You cannot give up. If you do give up, you will absolutely earn life-long consequences that will follow you forever. But there is hope. We have a plan. Because all we do is criminal law, we have been there, done that and have the t-shirt to prove it. If you get an attorney who does anything that walks in the door or someone who also does divorce/custody or is on their own, you massively decrease your chances of winning. Fact.

Felony Conviction Consequences in Pennsylvania

Where is the judge’s office?

MDJ office covering the north side of Lower Paxton Township (including Linglestown)

MDJ covering the South Side of Lower Paxton Township (traditional Colonial Park area)

Additional recommended reading:

Lower Paxton Township Facebook page (they put a lot of their arrests with photos up here)

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