Warning! Courts are Open! Are you Ready?

May 27, 2020

Don’t miss a court date because you were not prepared!

Courts are reopening, moving dates and implementing new procedures. Many citizens just like you are rushing to hire attorneys to make sure their cases are handled properly. In fact, many citizens are finding it hard to find attorneys to take their cases because many of them are not ready to handle cases via the virtual platforms such as zoom and webex that many courts are using right now. But The McShane Firm is here and ready to go.

The Conundrum of Constitutional Quarantine: We Hold These Truths to be Self-Evident.

April 29, 2020
Self-evident. That is how the Framers described our fundamental rights when we declared our independence from the British Empire. It was obvious to them that American citizens have rights that pre-exist government and that the US government’s purpose was to protect those rights (not provide them). More importantly it was obvious to them that those most fundamental rights could not be infringed on by the government without narrowly tailored action toward a compelling government interest, such as the protection of American lives from imminent death or serious bodily injury.

The Conundrum of Constitutional Quarantine: The Floundering Founders

April 27, 2020
Was 1918 the last time we were faced with the question of quarantine? No. It was only the last time we had to face the question in the context of a virus. The Pearl Harbor attacks, largely seen as the basis of our entry into WWII, eventually led the military to gather intelligence that there were thousands of Japanese spies across the west coast who presented an imminent threat to that area.

The McShane Firm will defend peaceful protestors for free

April 16, 2020
A peaceful protest is planned for Monday, March 20, 2020 at 12:00 noon, where these organizations are leading the concerned citizens of PA to address their grievances against the government. They will be marching on the Capitol in downtown Harrisburg.