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Hershey may call itself “The Sweetest Place on Earth” but when it comes to sex charges and sex crimes, Derry Township Police are far from sweet. When you friends and neighbors need the very best sex crimes attorney in Hershey, they pick The McShane Firm. How can you know: Read our over 400 verified reviews.

Megan’s Law SORNA reporting

In Pennsylvania, anyone with the internet can put in a name or their zip code to find out of you are on Megan’s Law or are a Sexually Violent Predator.

Pennsylvania State Police Megan’s Law searchable database.

The fictional tale of The Scarlet Letter: A Romance by Nathaniel Hawthorne, published in 1850 is alive and well in America today. In that story, a young unwed woman is pregnant. She refuses to name names. The townsfolk in that book make the main character wear a scarlet “A” on her dress when she is in front of the townspeople to shame her.

The letter “A” stands for adulteress. Her sentence required her to stand on the scaffold for three hours, exposed to public humiliation, and to wear the scarlet “A” for the rest of her life. When she dies, the punishment doesn’t even end then. Her tombstone reads “On a field, sable, the letter A, gules” (“A red letter A written on a black background”).

In America now, SORNA (Megan’s Law) is that permanent public mark. Don’t let your tombstone suffer a similar fate. We are heart attack serious about fighting to keep you off of Megan’s Law and without a sex crime conviction. 

The McShane firm delivered big time — Tim is a masterclass of an all-star attorney

We truly appreciate your thoughtfulness, and we want you to know that your work has been world-class. It felt like we were working with the all-star team. You two are absolutely wonderful! We appreciate the fantastic outcome to this situation, and know it couldn’t be possible without the McShane firm. Thanks again.



We know the science

When it comes to sex crimes, there almost never is a video or a photo that shows the alleged act. Instead it comes down to one thing: credibility. And that is a scary thing…. if you pick the wrong lawyer. One of our areas of focus is on the science of sex crimes. We use the science to your favor to attack the credibility of the complaining witness. Looking for signs of trauma that are either consistent with or inconsistent with the series of events that are reported to the police is vital to defend these cases. Most attorneys don’t know anything about this area.

Plus, we know DNA. We know DNA so well that we teach it to other lawyers: DNA for Lawyers In fact, Attorney Katy McShane once presented at the American Academy of Forensic Science national meeting on the difficulty of interpreting multi-person contribution DNA and problems with LCN DNA.

We know the law

One of the best ways to screen out the best sex crimes attorney in Hershey is to ask a lot of questions. Ask questions like:

  • What are the elements of the crimes?
  • What are defenses that I can use?
  • How do you plan on keeping out evidence that hurts me?
  • How can we get around the rape shield law?

Our Clients are entitled to a Bill of Rights which states:

  • Our clients have the right to expect, we will be proactive in communication. You will hear it from us first. We will return all phone calls, texts and emails promptly.
  • Our clients have the right to expect plain speaking, straight shooting. No B. S.
  • Our clients have the right to expect us to do it right the first time, every time.
  • Our clients have the right to expect us to be on time and professionally prepared for all court appearances, and all meetings.
  • Our clients have the right to expect that they will be fully informed at all times.

This is our promise to you. Call today to get us on your side: (717) 657-3900.

If the attorney you are interviewing doesn’t have a direct answer to these simple questions, run.

Free info on Pennsylvania Sex Crimes (including Maximum Sentences and Megan’s Law)

You have one chance and one chance only to avoid that modern day indelible Scarlet Letter. Good lawyers aren’t cheap. Cheap Lawyers are no good. Choose wisely. We are your wise choice for the best sex crimes attorney in Hershey.