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Well… in truth we actually wrote two books on firearms law. One is called “Pennsylvania Gun Law: Armed And Educated“. The other is “The Ultimate FFL Resource Guide” Both are available on Amazon. Together, they have sold thousands of copies. So, when it comes to looking for the best Pennsylvania gun charge attorney in Lower Paxton Township, it’s The McShane Firm, of course.


Free information on Firearm charges in PA (including Maximum sentences)

Pennsylvania Firearms Charges (Gun Charges in PA)

As you can read, Pennsylvania firearm and gun charges are very serious. They are not merely a slap on the wrist. They are generally felony charges. And if you plead to a felony charge, you face serious felony consequences. The consequences will follow you for a lifetime.

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We are the best gun attorneys in Lower Paxton. Gun owner lawyers, that’s us. We shoot.

Many criminal defense attorneys don’t know jack squat about guns. They were not raised around them. If you gave them truth serum, they’d tell you that all guns ought to be banned. We believe in gun ownership. Several of us have a valid PA License to Carry a Firearm and practice concealed carry. We see firearms as tools. We respect them. It is important to have an attorney who believes in the worth of guns and that they have a legitimate role in our society. Otherwise, that anti-gun bias will creep into your case. You cannot afford that.


We are proud of our reputation in the community. For nearly 20 years, we’ve been around. Every case matters. We love to fight for our neighbors. We don’t judge you. Let us champion your cause. No other law firm can boost the number of positive reviews we have. No one. The old saying applies: You can fool some of the people, some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. It’s true. With over 400 verified reviews and recommendations, folks want you to know that we will fight for you.

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Criminal defense involving handgun.

I felt very well represented. She is great at what she does. Of course I’m happy because my case had an excellent outcome, but I truly feel she would give you your best outcome for your situation. She is quick on her feet and very knowledgeable. Nothing bad to say. She is an excellent lawyer.




PICs charges cases

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The Pennsylvania Instant Check System is our state’s version of the NICs background check. When you fill out the 4473, when you sign the form you make an assertion under the penalty of law that you are allowed to own a firearm. Lots of folks make innocent mistakes on this form either because they did not know or did not remember. We take on these cases and get the DA to know and respect that you made a mistake. You are not a criminal.


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