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When the red and blue lights go on in Lower Paxton Township, you need us. We are your go-to DUI attorney in Lower Paxton Township. If you fill out this form, we’ll come running.

What you need to do right now to save yourself:

Whenever we hear people or attorneys say “oh, it’s just a DUI…” I want to sit them down an explain to the truth which is closer to saying: “wow a DUI?… it’s just TMI blowing up…”

Generally, all DUIs this day and age in all of America are big deals. With the internet, all you have to do is make a few clicks on a website or do a Google search to find out anyone’s past. Moreover, in PA, the penalties for DUI are draconian. It’s not about prosecution. It’s more like a persecution. Specifically, unlike a lot of other places, the police in Lower Paxton Township actually do care a lot about catching DUIs. In fact, they will push and stretch and some will cut corners to “make” a DUI when there isn’t one at all. So much so, that they are frequently in the hunt for the PA DUI Association’s top honor called “Top Gun.” With all of that, you need a plan to get back in the fight for your future. You need us. Let’s start this together….

Step 1: Learn about everything and anything DUI related.

Step 2: Go to this blog and search away to learn more about the specifics of your case

Step 3: Contact us 24/7 by phone (717-657-3900) or by that form above 

Step 4: Do an intake at our office and let our attorney here talk your ears off about your case.

We have successfully fought hundreds of DUI cases in Lower Paxton Township in our nearly 20 year existence. We are no stranger to the not guilty verdict.

Our pledge to you

We will always:

  • call you back,
  • shoot you straight,
  • listen to your concerns,
  • fight like hell,
  • and do everything in our human being power to beat your DUI.

We will never sell you out. 

More than a guy with a cell phone…

The McShane Firm: The Science Attorneys
Strength in numbers. The McShane Firm: The Science Attorneys

That’s us. And the keyword there is “us”. We are not some guy with a cell phone trying to be a lawyer while being a receptionist, bookkeeper, webmaster and everything. We’re dedicated. We are over 20 folks deep. Fighting the government and fighting DUI charges is what we do. No custody. No divorce. You want a will, we’ll point you toward legal zoom. That’s not us. We do one thing: win. We win the hardest DUI cases. We’re fighters!

Also, we are all adults. We will treat you like an adult. And in the adult world, what happens in the real world controls. It is not a fair world. It’s not a just world. It is the world we live in. Here’s an adult truth for you:

Who you chose as your DUI attorney in Lower Paxton will determine the outcome of your case 100% of the time.

Local knowledge, experience and connections

We are local. But we are fiercely independent. 

This is MDJ Wenner’s Office building. His specific office is on the first floor. When you go into the building, it is the door on the right. When you enter his office, you will find a fairly large waiting area. There are two meeting rooms in that area as well (and others for prisoners). At the glass windows is where you check in when you arrive. Your DUI attorney in Lower Paxton better know where the office is and the judge or you are in big trouble. We’ve been going to that office since it first opened about 10 years ago. LP was split into sections then. It all used to have one MDJ. Not any more.


MDJ covering the South Side of Lower Paxton Township (traditional Colonial Park area) (map)

MDJ office covering the north side of Lower Paxton Township (including Linglestown) (map)


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