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When it comes to finding the best DUI attorney in Hershey, PA, don’t settle for a lawyer with a cell phone. You need the best. We are Pennsylvania’s biggest and best DUI law firm. No one matches our experience, reputation or experience. Plus, we have guts. We love the fight for your good name your reputation and your freedom. One call now makes all the difference.

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DUI attorney Hershey
The local MDJ (where you will have your first hearing) is a little tucked away without good signage. It’s in the plaza with the Sheets and the G man. But you have to go around the corner from the Gold’s gym. You can see the entrance right here next to the flag. Parking is in the back. You need a locally known DUI attorney in Hershey to fight for you. We know all of the local in’s and out’s.



Why you can’t settle for anything other than the best

The negative consequences for a DUI can be extreme. In addition to the potential penalties for a DUI conviction, there are the collateral consequences that can follow you for life, if you aren’t careful. If you are a doctor at Hershey Med, then you absolutely cannot compromise on your future. If you are a Physician’s Assistant or nurse at Penn State Hershey Hospital, you can’t afford to wait. Act now.

Pennsylvania DUI Laws and your Professional License

If you are a teacher for Lower Dauphin School District or in Hershey, the time to start fixing this problem is now.


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Best attorney for executives

Have you ever made a mistake? Have you ever had life situations that you reacted to incorrectly and didn’t make the best choices afterwards? Unfortunately I have. Sometimes life doesn’t go your way and you make bad choices. This could be a career ending event. i was lucky enough to find Tim Barrouk. As a company executive, a dui could have been the end of my career. I’m embarrassed for the choices I made but the law doesn’t care about that. Tim Barrouk does. Tim fought for me to the highest degree. He never once judged me on the charges, but always looked at how he could best help me get through my mistakes.

While it was a long and exhausting battle. Tim, was without a doubt the best attorney to fight for me. Thanks to Tim, I’m Still a senior level ranking executive at a major corporation. Without Tim working his magic and using his knowledge to clear my name, I wouldn’t be were I am. As a sole income earner and father of two, Tim’s results have truly saved my life. When I got arrested , I thought that was it. I’m done. My wife will divorce me. I’ll never get back to my level of work. It’s over. Tim kept me encouraged and I can’t thank him enough. Because his hard work has helped me be where I am today.

A DUI isn’t the end of your life if you learn from it and have the right attorney. I make nearly 3x as much money as I did just 5 years ago. And for you Executives that want to put that into perspective. I was making 110k when I got my DUI . I make nearly 350k now. Mistakes can be forgiven IF you have the right representation. Tim Barrouk is the right representation. I’d HIGHLY recommend anyone contacting Tim for representation. Be honest and he will get you the best outcome. Thanks Tim!


Information on DUI max penalties

While it is important to know what they worst case scenario is, what truly matters most in your DUI case is who your lawyer is. Fact.

Local knowledge, but independent

We’ve been part of the Dauphin County criminal law environment for nearly 20 years. We have exposed faulty breath testing and lead statewide challenges to it. We have exposed and shut down faulty forensic labs who do bad BAC blood testing. The Boston Glob and others have sought us out for comment when it comes to important forensic science and DUI cases. We bring a laser beam like focus to your case. We understand that this isn’t just a case. It is your life, your livelihood and self-worth. Our acceptable error rate is zero.

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