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Attorney Mark C., Portland OR

I was referred to Mr. McShane by a colleague who was impressed by his expertise and diligence. Mr. McShane graciously agreed to work with us as local counsel in an important matter pending in Federal Court. In doing so, Mr. McShane demonstrated his dedication to performing in the highest tradition of the Bar. Mr. McShane strikes me as a smart and dedicated attorney. I will not hesitate to refer clients to him whenever I have the opportunity to do so. I know Mr. McShane will work hard for any client who comes into his care.


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In this video you can see Attorney Justin McShane using the FTIR machine. The FTIR is an analytical device that scientists use to identify pre-consumption form of alleged drugs. If your attorney doesn’t know the science of drug identification, then they really don’t get it. Justin McShane founded the highly successful top level program with the American Chemical Society called the Lawyer-Scientist program. It is the highest level of recognition that a lawyer can receive in science.

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Attorney Eric G., San Diego CA

Justin has been, and continues to be a role model for myself, and for many other attorneys across the world. His command on science is unreal. But he also possesses a special talent: he can take huge complex issues, and break them down so they can be understood by everyone. His personality shines as a teacher/professor, and his drive really inspires everyone around him to push themselves to greatness. His approach is one of honesty; objective honesty. And that’s exactly what we need to keep in the Courts across this nation.


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Mr. McShane You are the MAN My father John E. and me Maria E. came to your office and explain the charges you said there’s a technicality sited the law to Judge Jennings he didn’t have a clue and once you explained it me and my father was running out the door CASE DISMISSED MY FATHER WAS LOOKING AT SERIOUS JAIL TIME AND WALK AWAY A FREE MAN I SPEAK HIGHLY OF YOU..ALL THE TIME..BECAUSE YOUR MISSION…IS WINNING
Maria E



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