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Most drug cases come in generally two forms. The first is what we call a “stumble upon.” This is when a police officer or state trooper stops a car or has some sort of interaction with a citizen and just happens through the course of it to find drugs. They stumble onto it. Pure luck.

These cases require an intimate knowledge of search and seizure law. This type of experience is hard earned through the courtroom. It is about knowing how to set up the police at the preliminary hearing (first hearing) where we frame the case up nice and tight for a suppression hearing. A suppression hearing is where we ask the judge to suppress (throw out) some part of the case. Such as the physical evidence (e.g., the seized drugs) or the arrest itself. We know the law because we produce Pennsylvania’s top rated case law podcast called “Pennsylvania Case Law Update While You Drive” podcast.

We review each and every case published in PA for the week. If your attorney doesn’t subscribe to it, they will miss out on the ever changing world of search and seizure. But why look to hire someone who listens to the law? Why not hire the folks who make and change the law? That’s us.


The second type of drug case is a snitch built case. This is where the police basically create drug dealing. What they do is they bust someone for possession. This person who is now in trouble now will do anything and everything to get out of trouble. This includes setting other folks up. Now who are they going to set up? The real drug dealer? No. They look to set up someone who is generally not involved. Why? They don’t want to shut off the source of their drugs. So, the snitch has powerful incentive to create a drug dealer boss out of you. Otherwise, they are the one holding the baggies.


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