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Completely free information on drug charges in PA:

You are not a drug dealer or a junkie

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Free information on drug charges (including maximum sentences)


The government likes to dress it up and call them cooperating witnesses. But in truth they are not. They are snitches. People who will sell out their own family members and friends to save themselves. Just like the child and the story of the Cookie Monster, the snitch has to convince the government that they didn’t have the drugs, that the Cookie Monster did. You are not the Cookie Monster. We fight snitch built cases. We love to expose them.


Undercover Buy-Bust

When most criminal defense attorneys handle these cases, they throw in the towel. They look to make a deal. They might look to turn you into a snitch. We don’t we fight. With a lot of work, these cases can be massively crippled. For nearly 20 years, we have been doing just that.

The Best

When I got this email from Justin asking me to write a review on him on this site, I dropped everything I was doing to do it.

Unfortunately, my daughter has a drug problem. We have been struggling with it for years in the family. She was caught by the police and sold to an undercover. Justin made it get through ARD so she would have no felony on her record and is now a college student and has a bright future. We cannot believe how great he is.


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We treat you like you ought to be treated. Straight talk. No BS. You will actually be able to get a hold of us. You see we are different. We see this as a partnership. A fight against the government takes as many hands as we can get. The government doesn’t want you to make the right decision. The right decision is to be selfish. There’s just too much on the line:

FREE INFORMATION IN PENNSYLVANIA DRUG CHARGES (including maximum sentences and defenses that work)

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You have too look past the immediate outcome because a conviction is like a diamond. It lasts forever. Too many attorneys fail to explore the consequences of any conviction. That’s not what we do. We want to make sure that you make the best decision. 

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The McShane Firm: The Science Attorneys
The McShane Firm: The Science Attorneys

We are Pennsylvania’s biggest and best criminal law firm. And we didn’t get that way by luck. We did it the old fashioned way. We earned it. With every case, with every neighbor and with every friend, we earn our position in the market. That’s because we get it done. Let us fight for you. You deserve the best drug defense attorney in Gettysburg on your side. Don’t you?

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