Criminal Defense Attorney in Lebanon

Criminal Defense Attorney Lebanon
Lebanon County Courthouse at 8th and Oak streets in Lebanon PA

You need a criminal defense attorney in Lebanon, but you don’t trust the attorneys in Lebanon. You think that the community is too small. The local guys won’t want to fight as hard is one of your big concerns. You want the best criminal defense attorney who goes to Lebanon, but not one who cares about the local politics. A true fighter who works for you.

An overview of what we do

We are Lebanon’s choice for a Pennsylvania Criminal Lawyer. Why? We have local experience having appeared before the court for almost 20 years. But we are not local attorneys. We are Harrisburg-based. We only handle the cannot-lose type cases. When it is all on the line, we get it done. We use our guts to fight for you. Lebanon County is a very pro-prosecution set-up. However, we have found that the juries in Lebanon County have been very fair. We love the juries we get in Lebanon. They apply good old fashioned common sense. We welcome trials in Lebanon because of it.

Things unique to Lebanon, PA prosecutions

Unlike a lot of other counties, every single hearing you will have about your Lebanon criminal charges will be at the county courthouse. This means preliminary hearings, formal arraignments, suppression hearings, and trials.

Information about preliminary hearings in Lebanon

They use the central court system. That means everyone meets at the courthouse. Preliminary hearings happen in the basement of the courthouse. There is a large auditorium. Court administration has divided the room up. As you look at the stage, on the left you will find the witnesses and alleged victims waiting to find out what is going on with the cases. Just across the aisle in the same room is the defendant/accused and any of their families. In the large auditorium, non-hearing matters such as continuances, bail modifications and warrants are handled up on the stage on an attorney first come, first served basis. All hearings happen after the other day’s work happens. So unless you plan on giving up, be sure to bring a book. You will not be allowed to have your cell phone with you.

Important note:

If you decide to show up without an attorney, you will feel pressured to waive (give up) your right a preliminary hearing. This is a potential disaster. Make sure you show up with a lawyer. If you need local experience, but folks who are not beholden to local or personal politics and will look out ONLY for you, then call us. We check all of those boxes. 

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Consider this verified past client success story:

The McShane Firm is hands down the best criminal defense and DUI defense firm in Central PA. I have worked with them and have referred many others. They not only use the law but modern science and technology to resolve your case. Don’t fall for the goofy commercials with catchy jingles!! These men and women are the ture professionals you not only want, but NEED on your side. 5 stars aren’t enough!!




Things to be aware of before you go to your hearing

The Lebanon County courthouse is an older building, but the main elevators have been updated. You should know that the Lebanon County courthouse has a strick no cell phone policy on any of the courtroom related floors. A great place for attorneys and clients to talk is in the cafeteria in the basement. In all of my decades going to that courthouse, not a lot of folks actually eat in the cafeteria. Another great place to meet is in the Law Library. It is big and no one uses the stacks or books. It is where a lot of court forms such as guilty pleas, listing cases for trial, and other routine paperwork needed for a case can be found in the back corner.

Where is the courthouse?

The courthouse sticks out like a sore thumb, but a pleasant one. It is the only three story building on the block. There’s plenty of parking all around. No need for quarters. In case you have never been to the court courthouse, here are some directions.


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