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Criminal defense in Hershey

The Dauphin County District Attorney’s Office prosecutes all criminal charges filed at the state court level in the Hershey area. On rare occasions, the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office will prosecute cases in Hershey too. Those cases usually involve a large drug sting, political corruption cases and/or cases where there is a conflict of interest with the local DA’s Office. In any event, because we have been fighting for our neighbors and friends in Hershey for nearly twenty years, we are known by all of the police and prosecuting agencies. This means that you won’t get pushed around. We won’t be pushed around.

Types of charges

The most frequently charged crime in the Derry Township and Hershey area surrounds concerts. The police love to send undercover officers to look for underage drinking or possession of drug cases. The next most frequently charged crime in Hershey is DUI. Then comes issues having to do with alleged domestic violence. Sex charges are nearly as frequent as alleged domestic violence cases. With the number of stores and the outlets, there are theft charges too. Every once in a while, we see gun cases. No matter what the charge is, we’ve been there and handled that. From death penalty to speeding, when it comes to a strong criminal defense attorney in Hershey, we are it.

Proof is required

Do you want to know how frightening the state of law enforcement has become in the US? All it takes is a person’s say-so with nothing else to be charged with a crime. Most folks think that the government must have some sort of physical evidence like a video, photos, DNA or a confession to charge you with a crime. This isn’t so.

Heck, they don’t even have to ask you for your side of the story. Without talking to you, looking into where you were or any level of investigation, the police can charge you. Sad. But that’s where we step in. Unlike a lot of other criminal defense attorneys in Hershey, we demand the government actually prove their case. We put them to their proof. Most of the time it comes up lacking. As the accused of a crime, we want the police to not investigate, but as citizens we should all hate it. We never ever take the government’s says-so. Neither should you. Let us fight for you today.

Derry Township Police Department address

The Derry Township Police Department is located at The Derry Township Municipal Building at 620 Clearwater Rd, Hershey, PA 17033. But don’t go there alone. If the police want to interview you, Call Me First, Not the Police Back. Lawyer up. It could save you decades of headaches and heartache. 

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