Man convicted of fleeing police, resisting arrest receives sentence of time served

A Cumberland County man who was acquitted of charges that he tried to run over a state trooper after a chase won’t spend more time in prison for other convictions from the incident.

Joshua Grimes, 27, of Lower Frankford Township, was acquitted by a jury in August of aggravated and simple assault for the November chase near Bloserville.

He was convicted of lesser counts of fleeing police, reckless endangerment and resisting arrest.

Grimes was shot by police at the end of the 10-minute pursuit.

*On Tuesday, defense attorney Timothy Barrouk told president Judge Edgar B. Bayley that Grimes served 261 days under guard in the hospital or in county prison.*

*Barrouk asked for a time-served sentence, and the judge agreed. Bayley also fined Grimes $550.*

Police said a trooper rammed Grimes’ vehicle off the road, then fired as Grimes tried to back over him. Barrouk claimed at trial that Grimes only wanted to escape and wasn’t trying to hurt anyone.