Beneficiary of Rafferty’s Proposal will be Ignition Interlock Providers


Leading Harrisburg-area DUI defense attorney Justin McShane think so.

He believes the main beneficiary of Rafferty’s proposal will be ignition interlock providers, who will dramatically increase business while “this won’t stop near as many DUI deaths as people imagine.”

McShane argues lawmakers would be better served assigning interlock devices for longer than the typical one-year term to repeat, high-BAC offenders, and then work on significantly ramping up penalties and enforcement for more common issues like texting while driving.

“All this is going to do is help people in the interlock industry make money,” McShane predicts.

It is true, based on 2015 arrest data, that Rafferty’s bill’s terms would require well over 90 percent of all DUI- alcohol offenders to use an interlock – and that would represent significant growth in that market..