Sandy Feliz

Law Clerk

Personal Background

Since graduating Kutztown University in 2016, Sandy Feliz has dedicated his time to helping others. He attended Widener University Commonwealth Law School in an attempt to give those without a voice an opportunity to be heard. While there, Sandy interned with The McShane Firm for approximately 2 years. While working at The McShane Firm, Sandy also worked at The Widener University Civil Law Clinic representing indigent clients in matters such as divorce, landlord tenant disputes and breach of contract matters. After leaving The McShane firm, Sandy interned at the York County Public Defender’s office to gain in court experience. At the end of his internship, Sandy came back to The McShane Firm and has been here since. In his spare time, Sandy enjoys spending time with friends and family, volunteering, playing chess, watching movies, and reading.

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