Richard S. Roberts Jr., Esq.

Litigation Associate


“The Constitution guarantees criminal defendants’ a meaningful opportunity to present a complete defense.” Attorney Roberts believes in this principal, and fights every day to protect his clients’ constitutional rights. Whether it is a traffic ticket or the most serious felony each and every client gets his full attention, his hard work, and his dedication. Attorney Roberts always remembers that in the end it is the clients’ lives that are affected and he makes sure that for your case he will use all his knowledge, skill, and experience to fight for the best possible outcome.


Attorney Roberts earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Elizabethtown College in Elizabethtown, PA. Upon graduation, Attorney Roberts began his first career in the logistics industry.

After five years of working in the logistics industry, he decided to return to school and attended Widener University School of Law in Wilmington, DE. While there Attorney Roberts was an Articles Editor for the Widener Law Review and a Vice President of the Widener Moot Court Honor Society. He graduated magna cum laude from Widener and was ranked 5th out of 236 students.

When outside of work, Attorney Roberts enjoys spending time with his wife and his family.

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DUI Certificates and Training

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From Clients

To whom it may concern,
I am STILL a CDL licensed driver thanks in large part to attorney Roberts. I was involved in a DUI related matter where I would have lost my career and lively hood. However, I reached out to the McShane firm and chose atty. Roberts to represent my case which he fought long and hard for. He listened to me about my personal life and how this could affect my children as well as an extensive unfavorable criminal past. Although he made no promises as to the eventual outcome he promised to fight hard and allowed me to weigh in on my options. I walked out that courtroom with results better than we both expected lol. Also, I'd like to thank Jen his paralegal for being such a professional throughout this ordeal and promptly getting back to me whenever I had questions. I am forever greatfull for your sincerity, professionalism and sense of humor during a stressful time in my life.
CDL driverApril 12, 2018

from Attorney Roberts’s Avvo profile

Richard Roberts and his paralegal Jenn helped me get my life back. I was facing a very serious Felony charge. It was a terrible mistake and really just an unfortunate incident. Richard Roberts worked very hard so that I would ultimately have no permanent criminal record. I was in jeopardy of losing my career, my home, everything I had worked a lifetime to achieve. I will never be able to thank Attorney Roberts and his paralegal Jenn enough for helping through the most difficult time of my life. If you are in need of a hard working criminal defense attorney I would highly recommend Richard Roberts.
Helped me get my life back!March 14, 2018

from Attorney Roberts’s Avvo profile

Happy with the results of my case. He stayed in contact with me and broke everything down to me on level I could understand.
Good lawyerNovember 02, 2017

from Attorney Roberts’s Avvo profile

Attorney Richard Sherwood Roberts Jr. is a very caring, knowledgeable and professional lawyer. He has shown me he does not mind going above and beyond to make sure i stay a free man. He was the only attorney that showed me he had faith in me winning my case. I was so thankful for his price payment arraignment his firm put in place for me. I cannot forget about is wonderful paralegal Jen Kain. She always kept me very well informed of my court dates and times and more. She also treated me fair, took time to calm me down when i was nervous while on the phone with her. Attorney Richard Sherwood Roberts Jr. was always up front and explained everything in detail to me. I am so thankful that God placed such an amazing attorney in my path. I would highly recommend Attorney Richard Sherwood Roberts Jr. for any legal needs like Criminal defense, DUI and DWI, Appeals, Domestics you may have coming up. He also represents the Lehigh Vally area. Thank You Attorney Richard Sherwood Roberts Jr. with THE MCSHANE FIRM, LLC.
Looking For An Awesome Attorney To Represent You? Attorney Richard Sherwood Roberts Jr. is who you want.September 30, 2017

from Attorney Roberts’s Avvo profile

I hired Richard almost two years ago when I was charged with 7 serious felony charges. From day one he worked and worked. He worked harder than any other lawyer I've seen. He fought everything and everyone, judges, DAs, everyone.

I was always taught the measure of a man isn't whether or not he gets knocked down but what does he do when he gets back up. Richard and I got knocked down in this case. There were set backs and losses. Everytime, however, richard got back up and kept fighting. It seemed as if everyone was telling him to just stay down, there was nothing more he could do, and it was over. Despite this he never ever stopped fighting.

In the end the DA finally realized they couldn't win and richard wouldn't stop. They dropped the case. They dropped every single felony. It was one of the happiest days of my life, and I will be forever grateful and thankful to Richard and everything he did for me.

Richard was an amazing lawyer. He kept me informed what was going on and talked to me about the law. I wouldn't be home with my family today without his efforts.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention his paralegal Jen as well. She like Richard was amazing. She talked to me and kept me informed. She was there for me when I just needed someone to talk to and I thank her for that.

If you need a lawyer whether your case is serious or simple hire Richard, he will not let you down.
A Lawyer who will never stop fightingAugust 31, 2017

from Attorney Roberts’s Avvo profile

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