ReOpenPA charges

If you have to make the tough choice between following the law and making a living. ReOpenPA is a legit movement. In the real world someone should not have to choose between reopening their business, feeding their families, and going to work and ReOpenPA criminal charges.

Fight for your Rights and Fight for the Constitution.

The McShane Firm would like to stand beside you and fight! We are at the forefront of representing Proud Americans against this tyranny.

  • The McShane Firm has been working with ReOpenPA and has been fighting for your right to work and live a normal life.
  • We have been fighting against this unjust and unconstitutional lockdown.
  • We created the largest ever, most shared and most viewed social media post in ReOpenPA related matters in history.
Call The McShane Firm Now and let us fight for you. (717) 537-9997

We have been fighting the Government for justice for many years. We’ve earned a track record of success after success.

We are Proud Pennsylvanians and Proud Americans. We will not back down in our fight for you!

Great Americans
Like Yourself
Have Shown a lot
of LOVE for
The McShane Firm

Call The McShane Firm Now and let us fight for you. (717) 537-9997

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Sen Douglas Mastriano

Thank you !!!!! Great American Patriots.

Terry C. (One of the Organizers of the ReOpenPA Protests)

I worked with these guys as we set up the protest and they were great to work with. Very attentive and explained what we could expect and what we should do. Couldn’t recommend this firm enough.