Who is the analyst is answered by ISO 17025

Another impor­tant aspect of ISO 17025 for the crim­i­nal prac­ti­tioner is the idea of sub­con­tract­ing. Believe it or not, there is a lot of sub­con­tract­ing going on in most foren­sic sci­ence labs. Sub­con­tract­ing is allowed per ISO 17025 and specif­i­cally Sec­tion 4.5. There is a major dis­tinc­tion that is drawn by ISO 17025 and the accred­it­ing agen­cies between their ver­sion of sub­con­tract­ing and per­haps our idea of subcontracting.

Attorney McShane discusses the issue of subcontracting as per ISO 17025 in his blog post:Who is the analyst is answered by ISO 17025.

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