Drunk Driving and DUI’s in Pennsylvania

There are different laws that govern each state and that certainly depends on the circumstances governing the state.  With specific regard and designation to the state of Pennsylvania, drunk driving PA tend to be more focused on not only punishing the offender, but also attempting to emphasize the importance of not becoming a second and additional offender.  While the minimum age restriction of consuming alcoholic beverages is set to 21 years old throughout the United States, the major differences between states are in the minimum blood alcohol content and concentration levels in addition to the severity of the offenses.

The Pennsylvania state DUI law system has a three tiered approach and penalty system.  In that, separate penalties will dictate the severity and extent of penalties that are enacted on the offender.  For example, the state considers “general impairment” for those that have blood alcohol content between 0.08 to less than 10 percent.  The second tier is reserved for those that fall between 0.10 to less than 0.16 percent.  These are considered “high rate of alcohol.”  The third and most severe tier is that greater than 0.16 blood alcohol content.  These offenders are qualified as the highest rate of alcohol consumption.

In the first tier of offense, the offender is will face a fine up to and including $300 with a mandatory minimum 6 month probation period.  In the state of Pennsylvania, there is not a license suspension charge on the first offense.  For offenders that are classified as “high rate of alcohol”, the fine can fall anywhere from $500 to $5,000.  This is one of the most important times to have a qualified lawyer that is credible in this area and has strong credibility in DUI law.  The license suspension for folks of their tier is a mandatory 12 month suspension in addition to no less than 48 hours in jail.  The third and most severe offense includes a fine anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000, in addition to a 12 month license suspension and jail time no less than 72 hours.

While these are the severe penalties and guidelines that the governing body of the jurisdiction of Pennsylvania follow, the difference in fines and length of jail time are areas that can be negotiated.  These reasons are why it is most recommended working with a DUI lawyer that is proficient and credible in their practice and can help negotiate these penalties lower for the offender.