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When you are looking for the best gun lawyer in Lewistown, you need someone who not only practices law, but someone who exercises their Second Amendment rights. That’s us.

Internationally known, locally experienced, fiercely independent.

Maybe just maybe you need to realize that you matter. You have been through a lot with these charges. If the government wants you, they have to go through us first and that’s no easy task.

Attorney Eric G., San Diego CA

Justin has been, and continues to be a role model for myself, and for many other attorneys across the world. His command on science is unreal. But he also possesses a special talent: he can take huge complex issues, and break them down so they can be understood by everyone. His personality shines as a teacher/professor, and his drive really inspires everyone around him to push themselves to greatness. His approach is one of honesty; objective honesty. And that’s exactly what we need to keep in the Courts across this nation.


There’s more than hope. There’s results

Every case is different. No one can guarantee an outcome. But we will fight. We can promise you all that we have which is a lot. Consider this one client testimonial:

Watching him defend my husband he’s the best attorney I’ve seen in…

He is the best words can’t explain how much I appreciate him fighting for my husband who was charged with a firearm possession and it could of sent him back for 10 years he saved his life. He was innocent and it was proven.




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Welcome to the fight for your life

I want to invite you to the fight for your life. This is the fight for your freedom. So much is on the line. This is more than just “charges” or a “docket.” It’s about your future. Your self-esteem. Everything you have and will have. We get it. We get you. Beyond the charges themselves, there is a lifetime of consequences…

Justin McShane’s favorite platform is his 338 Lapuas that he owns.


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We believe deeply in what our Pennsylvanian founder fathers believed. They put it in writing. We print it on our souls:

Right to bear arms.

The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned.