Assault Charges Lawyer in Duncannon


The government is winning your case right now. You are about to start losing more and more…. if yo udon’t get the best assault charges lawyer in Duncannon on your side. Tag us. Put us in the fight. 

Attorney Eric G., San Diego CA

Justin has been, and continues to be a role model for myself, and for many other attorneys across the world. His command on science is unreal. But he also possesses a special talent: he can take huge complex issues, and break them down so they can be understood by everyone. His personality shines as a teacher/professor, and his drive really inspires everyone around him to push themselves to greatness. His approach is one of honesty; objective honesty. And that’s exactly what we need to keep in the Courts across this nation.


Domestic violence related charges

If you ever want to see how unfair the criminal justice system is, you don’t have to turn on the news. All you have to do is to go to any police station anywhere and see the response to allegations of domestic violence. The police hate taking these calls. Unchecked, the system grimly grinds people up and chews them out. We won’t let that happen to you.

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How you can save yourself

You are responsible for you. You know this. There’s no fairy godmother that is going to poof and appear to save you. You need to take charge. You take charge by learning everything you can about the charges and the case. Then, and most importantly, you select the best assault lawyer in Duncannon. How do you do that? Simple. You look at the attorney and staff profiles of the firm. Then, you look through their reviews. When you do, you will see that no one in all of PA matches or beats us. No one.

What our clients say

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Justin McShane and his firm are the best in the nation. They handle and win the toughest cases on a regular basis. Justin and his wife are not only trial lawyers but they are also scientist. When a lawyer can combine this type of knowledge, tenacity and trial skills…it’s a work of art. If they will take your case, you are very lucky. When you can’t afford to lost, you call the McShane firm.




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The government doesn’t want you to hire us. They want a push over. When you need the best assault charges attorney in Duncannon, you need us.