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If your attorney hates guns, then he or she is likely to have a subconscious bias against you. You deserve someone who is all in. 

But it’s more than science, it’s about people

We never lose the ultimate vision: Not Guilty. We push and push until we win. Consider this one testimonial

Watching him defend my husband he’s the best attorney I’ve seen…

He is the best words can’t explain how much I appreciate him fighting for my husband who was charged with a firearm possession and it could of sent him back for 10 years he saved his life. He was innocent and it was proven.



In this video, you can see Attorney McShane explain the ballistics of live fire rounds into and through a windshield as a co-instructor with Steve S. at BlackWater North (now known as The Site) at Blackwater Lodge and Training Center in Illinois. The old USTC and Blackwater North are the facilities once owned by Echo Papa himself. In the old days of the PMC world of Global Response Staff (GRS) and DOD or Diplomatic Security Service (DSS), CPA and PSD, Blackwater was the top of the industry.

You are looking for the best gun attorney in Palmyra. You need to find someone know knows and loves guns. Someone who knows the science of firearm and tool mark analysis and ballistics. Finally, you need someone with guts, experience and local knowledge, but international reputation. We check all of those boxes. We are The McShane Firm.


Attorney Eric G., San Diego CA

Justin has been, and continues to be a role model for myself, and for many other attorneys across the world. His command on science is unreal. But he also possesses a special talent: he can take huge complex issues, and break them down so they can be understood by everyone. His personality shines as a teacher/professor, and his drive really inspires everyone around him to push themselves to greatness. His approach is one of honesty; objective honesty. And that’s exactly what we need to keep in the Courts across this nation.


The choice is yours…

and the consequences will follow you forever. You can go with a cheap attorney. Someone whose culture, beliefs and existence stands against you. Or you can come and be protected by those who believe in exactly what our Pennsylvania Founding Fathers wrote

Right to bear arms.

The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned.

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