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When it is time to pick the best DUI attorney in Lewistown, the answer is simple: The McShane Firm. For nearly 20 years, your neighbors and friends have trusted us. We have the reputation, knowledge, experience and guts to successfully fight the government and protect you. Here is some information about our attorneys and staff:

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Here’s another great review. You see, we make the difference. We are the types of attorneys when you have a zero error rate. You case is not just a docket number. Your case is you. Meaning that the end result is everything. It’s about pride, legacy, self-worth, dignity and your future. 

Without a doubt, the BEST Criminal law defense attorneys around! Choosing The McShane Firm for DUI defense was one of the best decisions of my life. Literally. They’re smart, look at case details in depth, and treat you like family.



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This is our promise to you. Call today to get us on your side: (717) 657-3900.

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If you do an internet search for DUI attorneys around Lewistown, you will come up with a fair amount of results. Some are physically located in Lewistown. But what is better: having an attorney who can walk to the courthouse or one who will walk you out of the courthouse a free man or woman. Our over 400 reviews from clients and peers prove beyond a reasonable doubt, that although we are Harrisburg-based, we get the job done. Why do you care how far your attorney has to drive? You should only care about one thing: getting out of trouble. That’s what we do every single day. We get people out of trouble. Consider just a few of our reviews:

I recently got charged with my second DUI in a ten year period. As a CDL carrier I was looking at losing my CDL for life! I looked up reviews of lawyers in the area and all reviews turned to Justin McShane. I immediately contacted his firm and they took over my case. Justin’s firm has several options and payment plans. Heidi Etter is Justin’s paralegal and she was fantastic through the whole process, quick to respond to any questions I had. If you are reading this, and have recently been charged with DUI or any other crime, don’t wait, call the McShane firm now!! I went to my final trial yesterday, December 13th. Justin won my case, and saved my life