DUI Drug charges can carry extremely heavy penalties

Don’t plead guilty, go to the hearing, or call an attorney, until you watch this video

    Maximum Penalties

    First Offense Second Offense Third Offense
    Jail: 6 months Jail: 5 years Jail: 5 years
    License Suspension: 12 months License Suspension: 18 months License Suspension: 18 months
    Fines: $5,000 Fines: $10,000 Fines: $10,000

DUI drug cases can be very difficult for the government to prove IF you have an attorney who knows the science. At The McShane Firm, we know the science.

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Comment_MarkWhen I got this email from Justin asking me to write a review on him on this site, I dropped everything I was doing to do it.

Unfortunately, my daughter has a drug problem. We have been struggling with it for years in the family. She was caught by the police and charged. Justin made it get through ARD so she would have no felony on her record and is now a college student and has a bright future. We cannot believe how great he is.

G.C., (Harrisburg, PA)

Comment_MarkI told the police that I was using my pain pills as the doctor told me to do. I was not a pill popper. But they did not listen to me. Thank God I found you and you made the police listen. You got the charges dismissed.

A.B., (York, PA)

Comment_MarkSitting through my trial and listening to you and the expert that you hired Justin was a revelation. I never thought that a laboratory could screw up so bad. I never knew that the tests that the police gave me were no good. Considering the first two lawyers I talked to basically told me to just give up and plead guilty, it makes me all the more glad that I interviewed you. Without a doubt, no one else could have got me that not guilty and exposed the whole process for what it is: hocus-pocus. Thanks.

R.R., (Lancaster, PA)

Comment_MarkMy son was arrested on drug and possession charges. Justin handled our case and was very professional and confident. He always communicated with us and explained the overall situation and what we were to expect.Justin got all of our charges dropped and I don’t think anyone else would have been able to do this. Justin is a good lawyer and a great person.

M.B., (York, PA)

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