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Pennsylvania Police Officer Mistakes Rare Disease for DUI

November 1, 2010

Recently Harrisburg DUI Attorney Shawn Dorward defended a case that really touched the hearts of all of us at The McShane Firm. WM was a honest citizen with a good heart suffering from a horribly painful disease called cyclic vomiting syndrome which causes severe vomiting outbreaks which can last for hours. He was suffering from an attack when a police office arrested him for DUI.

In the few months before his hearing, WM had been hospitalized 16 times and was forced to have a leg amputated. On top of his already traumatic suffering he was falsely charged with a DUI even though his breath and blood test showed no alcohol. Where the police should have been compassionate and helpful they instead arrested him for DUI. Fortunately, WM hired one of the hardest working lawyers in PA- Shawn Dorward. Attorney Dorward argued the case at the preliminary hearing and had the case dismissed by the judge. You can read more about this case over at the PA DUI Attorney Blog in the post: Officer Mistakes Rare Disease for DUI.

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