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Lebanon County Blood Testing Called into Question

February 11, 2013

A recent ruling has called into question the blood testing procedures for DUI in Lebanon County. The McShane Firm was at the forefront of this litigation which has been widely covered by numerous news outlets.

You can find out more by visiting the following:
Yahoo News: Judges in Lebanon County Rule Blood Tests There to be Inadmissible
PennLive: Court ruling could void more than 1,000 Lebanon County drunken driving cases, lawyer contends
ABC 27: DUI test accuracy questioned in Lebanon County
CBS 21: Local attorney claims hospital mishandled DUI blood tests, files to have hundreds of cases thrown out
Fox 43: Lebanon judges call DUI testing into question
Lebanon Daily News
Official Press Release

If you have any questions about this ruling please feel free to call or visit: Lebanon DUI Blood Information

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