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Excellent Reasons to Hire a Harrisburg DUI Attorney

December 18, 2012

Being convicted of a DUI in Pennsylvania can have devastating effects on your future. From having to spend time in jail to losing your driver’s license, there are many reasons to partner with a Harrisburg DUI attorney if you have received a charge. Here at the McShane Law Firm, we have experienced attorneys who can represent you and help you obtain the best possible outcome for your case.

No matter what your personal circumstances are, a DUI can have a big and very negative impact on your life. If convicted, even a first offense in which your blood alcohol level was just over the legal limit, no one was hurt, and nothing damaged, can lead to a record that negatively impacts your future. Anyone that does a background check on you–from potential employers and college admissions personnel to landlords and banks and even nosey neighbors–will be able to see the DUI on your record, seriously inhibiting your ability to get a job, get into a school, rent an apartment, take out a loan or live in peace without being the neighborhood source of gossip. Your car insurance rates, predictably, will skyrocket.

In addition, DUI convictions can have more immediate legal repercussions, as well.  The best case scenario for a DUI conviction (1st no accident, driver over 21 with a BAC of >0.10) can include paying a fine of $300 and probation. The worst case scenario conviction involves penitentiary time (at a hardcore State Correctional Institute where there is no work release), prolonged license suspension, and fines into the thousands. The fines themselves may be more than you can afford to pay, and with a license suspension to boot, you’ll have a much harder time getting to places of employment to pay for all of it. That’s to say nothing of the psychological damage that jail time will do and the embarrassment you will face when friends and colleagues find out. You will be a convicted criminal for life.

No matter if it is a first offense or a second or third violation, you should consult with a professional and experienced DUI attorney to learn more about your case.  At The McShane Firm, our highly talented DUI lawyers will help you chart out a strategy to defend your case and protect your rights.

Here at the McShane Law Firm, we understand which facts need to be presented to the prosecutor, judge and jury. If need be, we can even bring in expert witnesses to challenge your charges. We ensure your case is handled with the utmost care and the highest level of preparation. Call us today with your questions or concerns and we’ll provide you with the Harrisburg DUI attorney that you need to fight your case.


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