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Cathi Leigh McAdams elected to the CPPA Board of Directors as 2nd Vice President

February 20, 2011

Cathi Leigh McAdams was recently elected to the Central Pennsylvania Paralegal Association’s (CPPA) Board of Directors as 2nd Vice President.

The mission of the CPPA is:
To promote, protect and advance the paralegal profession and its interests through fostering creative expansion of paralegal roles, at all times operating within the boundaries of the profession; to offer continuing education to paralegals; and to encourage communication between individual paralegals and paralegal associations regarding developments in the profession.

This achievement is a testament of the hard-work and dedication Cathi Leigh puts into preparing and researching each case and the level of excellence she offers to our clients.

The McShane Firm congratulates Cathi Leigh on this a achievement and a job well done!

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